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Season 2 : Episode 8

Transforming Healthcare, Data Fluency + the COVID Factor

Jun 2021 ∙

Transforming Healthcare, Data Fluency + the COVID Factor

What are the biggest emerging trends in Healthcare right now? Now that we’ve (seemingly) survived the worst of COVID-19 in the United States, we’re left to move forward with a profound shift in our healthcare system and how we approach our wellbeing as a whole. Dr. Megan Greenfield, Partner at McKinsey and Company joins us for an optimistic discussion on tech trends that are more efficient, wholistic in approach and ones that reward positive behavior. We also dig deep into the intricacies of data fluency and the avoidance of confirmation bias, especially when addressing challenges and opportunities that aim to create positive and enduring change the world.

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Featured in This Episode

Dr. Megan Greenfield has a Ph.D. in chemical and biological engineering with a background in biotech research. She is a Partner in Healthcare at McKinsey & Company, a global consulting firm, where she assists healthcare and tech companies in building strategies for revenue growth. In the past year, Megan has been a leader in helping private and public institutions navigate the COVID crisis by implementing accessibility to healthcare services and creating plans for economic recovery. Megan is a passionate advocate for equity, diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and was named a 2021 World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.

Megan joins me today to discuss her role at McKinsey & Company and how she was influenced by her mother’s career as a pharmaceutical tech to pursue a career in science and healthcare. She shares insights into the world of data fluency, how to use it effectively and how it can affect your business strategies. She discusses the role of COVID in the healthcare industry and how telehealth has helped to create more equity in access. Megan breaks down mRNA vaccines, how they work and why they are such an exciting innovation for the future. She also shares her thoughts on the role of women in technology and her top advice for those hoping to break into the field.

“Always try and find those people that can really support you and push you. Not just make it easy, but really give you the feedback you need to grow.” – Dr. Megan Greenfield

This Week on the Podcast

  • How COVID influenced technology in the healthcare industry
  • What data fluency means and how to use it effectively
  • How to avoid confirmation bias when analyzing data
  • Why thinking outside the box can create a more comprehensive set of data
  • Why telehealth is a vital innovation for increasing access and equity in care
  • What the mRNA vaccines are and how they work
  • Why you should always define your goal when using data to evaluate a strategy
  • What motivated Megan to get involved in science and healthcare
  • Megan’s three pieces of advice for furthering your career in science and technology
  • Why finding a mentor is vital for career growth

Connect with Dr. Megan Greenfield

McKinsey & Company Website

McKinsey & Company on LinkedIn

McKinsey & Company on Facebook

McKinsey & Company on Twitter

Dr. Megan Greenfield on LinkedIn 

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