T-Mobile: Customer UX Strategy Starts with Happy Employees

Episode 18

How do you land on J.D. Power’s top spot for Customer Care 22 times? Chief Customer Experience Officer at T-Mobile, Callie Field, shares her thoughts on the most important element in making this happen – happy employees. We also get into a rich conversation about 5G, machine learning and finding the right balance between tech and humanity. Callie also shares her amazing story of going from mall kiosk employee to T-Mobile’s C-Suite. Here’s my conversation with Callie.

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Featured in This Episode

Callie Field is the Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Experience Officer of T-Mobile. After graduating from Texas Tech University with a Master of Business Administration degree and a Juris Doctor degree, Callie joined T-Mobile as a frontline employee selling cell phones to customers. After rising through the company’s ranks over the past 18 years, Callie leads a team of digital technologists and 30,000 experts in customer experience. She also serves as the executive sponsor of T-Mobile’s Multicultural Alliance Network, where she advocates for the company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Callie joins me today to share her journey from working as a frontline employee at T-Mobile to leading a team of more than 30,000 customer experience experts. She discusses why it’s important for her to connect with customer-facing employees at T-Mobile and highlights how improving customer experience starts with happy employees. She explains what 5G is in addition to how it can help impoverished communities and promote diversity and inclusion. Callie also shares her advice for young women who find themselves struggling in their careers.

“You can have the greatest tech in the world, but if you don’t have relationships with the people who promote your product and talk to your customers, you’re going to miss the mark.” – Callie Field

This Week on the Podcast

  • How Callie “grew up” in T-Mobile and how she progressed to becoming Chief Customer Experience Officer
  • How Callie’s bringing her passion for civil rights into T-Mobile
  • Appreciating hustle and grit, and why young people should give themselves time to grow in their careers
  • How tech is transforming and improving customer experience
  • Using machine learning and AI for connection while maintaining the human element
  • Callie’s advice for women in tech who are interested in T-Mobile

Connect with Callie Field

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Email: callie.field@t-mobile.com

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