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Season 2 : Episode 14

Tech and the Anti-Aging Revolution

Aug 2021 ∙

Tech and the Anti-Aging Revolution

For Dr. Madhavi Gavini, Co-Founder, Co-Inventor, and CEO of Droplette, she and her co-founder didn’t exactly plan to invent what is being called the “revolutionary skin-care gadget of the moment,” but finding themselves as successfully funded women in the $58+ billion dollar anti-aging market and $15 Billion Cosmetic Dermatology market is helping them reach their ultimate goal – to make as strong impact and improve quality of life for patients with skin diseases. Listen in to my conversation with the brilliant  Dr. Gavini to get inspired and learn more.

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Featured in This Episode

Dr. Madhavi Gavini is the Co-Founder, Co-Inventor, and CEO of Droplette, a technology company revolutionizing skincare with a breakthrough device of the same name. Regarded as the latest revolutionary skincare gadget, Droplette is a transdermal delivery tool that delivers active ingredients under the skin. Madhavi is also the President and Co-Founder of Novopyxis, an award-winning biotechnology company dedicated to developing therapeutics and medical devices.

Madhavi joins me today to discuss revolutionizing and democratizing skincare and beauty. She explains how Droplette solves the inefficiencies of topical drug application and describes how it avoids the side effects of common skin treatments such as peels. She shares what inspired the creation of Droplette and her advice for women seeking other women co-founders. She also highlights the foundations young people should build if they are to embark on entrepreneurship and science and describes how trailblazing women continue to impact women in STEM today.

“The skin is the largest organ in your body and tends to be the last one to receive nutrients and support. It’s not just about beauty; it’s about the health and wellness of your skin.” – Madhavi Gavini

This Week on the Podcast

  • The genesis of Droplette and how Madhavi met her co-founder
  • Droplette’s medical, skincare, and cosmetic applications
  • What Epidermolysis Bullosa (BD) is and how it inspired Madhavi and her co-founder to create a transdermal device
  • How Droplette shifted from initially treating EB to skincare
  • Democratizing beauty and skincare and how Droplette adapted its marketing amid COVID-19
  • Why Droplette is an effective solution for drug delivery
  • Other dermatological issues Madhavi is invested in
  • Madhavi’s advice on finding a woman co-founder
  • The impact of trailblazer women in STEM
  • Research and Development: other tech Madhavi and Droplette are interested in working with
  • What it feels like to invent a novel technology that improves peoples’ lives

Connect with Madhavi Gavini

Droplette on LinkedIn
Droplette on Instagram
Droplette on Facebook
Droplette on Twitter
Madhavi Gavini on LinkedIn

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