Season 2 : Episode 10

The Freelance Revolution

Jun 2021 ∙

The Freelance Revolution

As the economy charges back up and tech tries to satisfy its new boom, a freelance revolution is emerging as the gig economy fills the employment gap and is welcomed by newly formed hybrid workforces. My guest today, Omayma Rashwan, Co-founder of Tod-Z, a global freelance platform, shares insights on this new trend and the debate between flexibility, freedom, and stability.

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Featured in This Episode

Omayma Rashwan is the co-founder of tod-Z, a talent on-demand marketplace. As a freelancer, Omayma felt that she was being stifled by the competition and prejudice associated with the industry and teamed up with her husband and co-founder to revolutionize the freelance business. She believes that freelancers should have all the perks of full-time workers and feel liberated from the implicit bias associated with searching for talent in the online marketplace. Tod-Z strives to create a less pressurized, less stressful environment for freelancers that eliminates unconscious bias, using technology to level the playing field. Omayma joins me today to discuss how technology can be used as a powerful tool to remove implicit bias in business.

We discuss the positive impact of COVID on the freelance world and why so many are migrating toward permanent remote work environments. Omayma explains the mission of tod-Z and how she was inspired to create a democratized freelance industry. She also offers valuable advice for those interested in becoming freelancers and shares what she believes are currently the most sought-after positions.

“The more the organization, or the more the ecosystem for working independently is embraced, the more the freelancers will evolve.” – Omayma Rashwan

This Week on the Podcast

  • How technology can be used to remove unconscious bias
  • Why freelance has become so popular
  • Why Omayma wanted to democratize the freelance industry
  • Which jobs are most in-demand at the moment
  • What tod-Z does and how it works
  • Advice for those going into freelance
  • The tech scene in Egypt and how it is evolving
  • How the move to more remote work has revolutionized the freelance industry

Connect with Omayma Rashwan

tod-Z Website

tod-Z on LinkedIn

tod-Z on Facebook

Omayma Rashwan on LinkedIn

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