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Season 2 : Episode 7

Smart Venues & the Evolution of Digital + Physical Worlds

Jun 2021 ∙

Smart Venues & the Evolution of Digital + Physical Worlds

How can technology deepen relationships, build loyalty and help brands and customers have more fruitful in-person exchanges? In this week’s episode, guest Marina Saint-Lary, Chief Solution Officer for Globant, helps us imagine the ‘what’s next’ for Smart venues and seamless customer experiences in the near future. Marina also shares her passion for encouraging more women into STEAM careers while urging them to become bigger risk-taker in business.

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Featured in This Episode

Marina Saint-Lary is the Chief Solution Officer for Globant, where she has worked in various roles over the past seventeen years. Marina began her career in technology exploring the multiple facets of software development. Her background shaped her ability to effectively communicate with team members from all technology development areas and create a cohesive and collaborative experience. At Globant, she leads teams to develop efficient and sustainable digital journeys for their clients and reinvent the way they connect to customers. Marina is a staunch advocate for women in STEM and works with Globant to create opportunities and remove barriers for those hoping to enter the tech arena.

On today’s show, Marina and I discuss the future of smart arenas and the possible applications for that technology in everyday life. Marina shares her experience as a woman entering the tech world and why she believes it was invaluable for her to explore all the avenues in software development. She shares her experiences as a leader at Globant and why she’s excited about the possibilities for digital transformation through smart technology. We discuss the role of women in STEM and Marina shares some of the key things she thinks women should be doing to push and innovate the industry. Marina also offers insight into the role of loyalty in technology and why it is invaluable for companies offering a digital experience.

“Smart venues are a lot of things. There’s a magic component to it. It’s participation, it’s data.” – Marina Saint-Lary

This Week on the Podcast

  • How technology can deepen customer engagement
  • What a smart venue is and why it creates an innovative experience for users
  • How to build loyalty to get and keep users
  • Why digital evolution has cultivated more accessibility and engagement
  • What Marina is doing to boost the involvement of women in tech
  • How to get involved in the software development world
  • Why smart technology has exciting implications for other applications like the healthcare industry
  • Why women in STEM need to be bigger risk-takers
  • How smart venues offer a holistic user experience and why they will likely become more mainstream in the future

Connect with Marina Saint-Lary

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Marina Saint-Lary on LinkedIn

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