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We exist to eliminate the gender gap in tech


Founded in 2007 by Adriana Gascoigne, Girls in Tech is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating the gender gap in tech. We have more than 110,000 members in 35 chapters around the world.

Girls in Tech started with an idea: There is a strong, smart and outspoken girl within all of us. We exist to make sure that girl is heard. Because when every voice, every perspective, every personality is honored and respected, we do better work and live richer lives.

At Girls in Tech, we are passionate about inclusivity, because we know that tech today requires people of all skills and backgrounds. Whether you’re a data analyst, a creative, a strategist or a coder, you are needed.

We’re committed to building the diverse and inclusive tech workforce the world needs. And we aim to see every person accepted, confident and valued in tech — just as they are. So, when you’re asked how you fit into the industry, we want you to boldly say: “As I Am.”

A Global Movement: Learners to Leaders

Since 2007, Girls in Tech has been at the forefront of empowering women in STEM globally, ensuring tech remains fair, diverse, and equitable.

Read about how, with your help, we’re building the tech workforce the world needs.

Case for Support

Some accomplishments


entrepreneurs funded, mentored and supported through AMPLIFY, our startup pitch competition.


participants in our Hackathon series, solving local and global problems.


participants in our coding, design and startup bootcamps.

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