In short: nothing to lose, so much to gain.

So you’ve become a member of Girls in Tech — a non-profit organization aiming to empower and support women in the technology industry. That’s one small step for (wo)man, one giant leap for your career.

We’re dedicated to creating opportunities for women to learn, grow and advance in the industry, and joining the community is the first chapter in your story. Ready for the next? We think so too. Keep up this momentum with these next steps.

Attend one of our tech events

We host a variety of events like workshops, conferences, webinars, and networking events. They’re all bolstered by the ambition to build on your current skills, expose you to other like-minded people in the industry, and learn about new trends in the tech space. What’s there to lose?

Key benefit: Networking and upskilling.

Volunteer through plenty of ways

Your expertise is extremely valuable, and by volunteering your time and enthusiasm, you can make a positive impact on the organization and women in tech on the whole. It can also help you figure out where you’d like to specialize. This could look like event planning, fundraising, and anything else that helps spread the word. The bonus: It looks great on your LinkedIn, too.

Key benefit: Gain experience for the résumé.

Sign up to our mentorship program

The experience and perspectives of others help to shape our own. At Girls in Tech, we recognize how impactful mentorship can be for both the mentee and the mentor. Apply for either role and we’ll expertly pair you with someone who could either offer valuable guidance or someone who would benefit from hearing yours. The next mentorship program will kick off in June 2023, stay tuned for more information.

Key benefit: Absorb — or pass on — a wealth of knowledge.

Donate (anything) if you can

Like we said, we’re a non–profit that relies on strategic funding to continue empowering women all over the world. If you are passionate about our mission, consider making a donation to the organization. It can help fund our programs and initiatives and support our efforts in making a difference within the industry.

Key benefit: Fund programs and initiatives that change lives.

Whether you start the ball rolling with one of the above, or perhaps dive into all of them at once, the main thing is to not let the momentum plateau — let’s keep this ball rolling.