5 reasons you cannot miss the 2023 Girls in Tech Conference

If you’ve made it here, the hype around our 2023 Girls in Tech Conference has made its way into your world.

Now, we are aware that cash-splashing isn’t exactly something we’ve all got the luxury of right now. But believe us when we say: the cost of a ticket pales in comparison to the insights, skills and new relationships you will leave with at the end of this incredible day. This experience is, without a doubt, an investment in your career that will have you feeling immediately more empowered to embrace whatever the future brings.

1. Receive industry insights from women leading the charge in 2023

Our theme for this year’s conference is Embracing the Future Together. We have hand-selected speakers who are heading up phenomenal advances in the realms of communication, cyber security, ecommerce, identity and authentication, education, and much more. Listen to them reflect on their journeys, dissect the current state of things and predict the next chapter. Plus, you’ll be able to talk to and interact with some of our incredible industry sponsors at Booth Hall, and hear about the exciting new projects and opportunities on their radars. To read more about the trends driving tech conversations and decision making in 2023, check out our article on 5 Tech Trends in 2023.

2. Share experiences for a fresh perspective

Discussion and the sharing of experiences are key to a healthy perspective. At our conference you’ll join us for engaging panel discussions and interactive workshops, and share your thoughts on the state of the industry with like-minded women. Join CEO of Late Nite Art Adam Rosendhal to take part in one of his famed culture building workshops. Their unique methodology has been honed over 10 years to combine experiential learning, cutting edge facilitation, and a variety of art forms to help teams all over the world creatively solve their business challenges.

3. Make new connections (because it’s all about who you know)

Our agenda features nothing less than truly brilliant representatives from all corners of tech. This is your chance to say hi, ask your questions, and create connections that will enhance your professional network. Struggle with putting yourself out there? You’re not alone – it can certainly be daunting! Our events are purposefully designed to create a comfortable environment for meeting new people. For some hot tips, check out An Introverts’ Guide to Networking.

4. Learn more about professional wellbeing in our industry

Our Girls in Tech events maintain a dedicated focus on the professional wellbeing of all in our community. At our 2023 conference, you’ll hear from co-founder of TRILUNA Wellness, Ashley Brooke James, who will take us through a guided meditation and breathwork. And award-winning science journalist Catherine Price will speak on her latest works, including “The Power of Fun: How to Feel Alive Again,” and “How to Break Up With Your Phone: The 30-Day Plan to Take Back Your Life”.

5. Build your support network

Are you a woman in tech? Well, get excited, because these are your people! The Girls in Tech community spans the globe and through every sector of this massive industry we are part of. Just as tech so obviously needs us, we all need each other for support as we push forward.

If you made it this far, and you like what you’re reading, we want to leave you with one important takeaway: this spectacular conference promises to welcome you – a woman in technology – with open arms. Just as you are. Excited? We hope so! This event is set to be our best yet.

Tickets for our 2023 Girls in Tech Conference are on sale now. 

Hope to see you in Nashville!