LinkedIn has just celebrated its 20th birthday, which means more than just the fact that it can almost legally drink alcohol in the US.

The challenger recruitment tool turned professional social media platform has carved out a significant space within the tech world, and in turn, the careers of countless users. Recruiters, HR, and senior leaders are consistently scouting for new talent, or at the very least, open to forging new connections — with those who take the time to make their profiles as impressive as their CVs.

So, here’s your cue to take a break from building other brands and work on your personal one with 10 of our best LinkedIn profile tips.

1. Update your profile picture.

We’ve said it before; Dress for the job you want, not the one you have — and this also applies to your profile picture. Presentation sets the foundation for your first impression, so make sure it’s recent, only features you in the picture, and has your face taking up around 60% of it. Here are more tips if you need them.

2. Your headline is so much more than just a job title.

Feel like you’re more of a creative than an analyst? Include that. Take a leaf out of the sales book, in fact, take a look at any salesperson’s LinkedIn page and they’ll state in their headline they’re much more than that. Go on, stir up some headlines.

3. Add a background to your career background.

The second visual a person sees when they visit your page, the background photo sets the context and grabs attention — so make it a good one. We suggest something industry-specific from a free stock image website.

4. Craft a summary you would want to read.

Like an executive summary of an essay or the preview text on an email, your introduction matters when it comes to grabbing — and keeping — attention. Use this guide to write a powerful summary, and then gather feedback from friends or connections.

5. Reign in your endorsed skills.

You may have thought it couldn’t hurt to have an ex-colleague endorse you for a run-of-the-mill skill like Microsoft Word, but it’s actually detracting from the skills that you want to be known for. So, remove the bland, and prioritise the important ones to the top. And if you’re wondering if they matter at all, this article explains why they do.

6. Get skills certified.

A skills assessment is an online test where you can showcase the level of your skills and receive a Verified Skills badge on your profile in return. Why? Data shows that candidates with verified skills are around 30% more likely to be hired for the roles they apply for. Boom.

7. Expand your network with people you already know.

Sync your profile with your email address book. This enables LinkedIn to suggest people to connect with, like previous employers, colleagues, and classmates.

8. Customize your reach outs.

Sometimes organic invites can be sent without a note attached, but other times, particularly when you’re connecting with someone you haven’t met before, it’s imperative to add a personal note to the invite. Keep it simple: Write who you are, what you do, and why you want to connect.

9. Request some kind (but earned) words.

Testimonials make a difference. Just like you would happily and publicly vouch for a colleague you enjoyed working with, they would do the same for you — so ask them to leave you a recommendation on your profile.

10. Share your hot take.

Thought leadership isn’t reserved for leaders. LinkedIn is a platform where industry opinions are shared and celebrated, so if you come across a topic or an article that you’d like to talk about, share it with an articulate summary of your thoughts. Or, jump into the comment section and give your two cents.

Try one or try them all, and then reach out to your Girls in Tech chapter leaders to ask for their opinion on your profile.