That’s a wrap! Another year at Girls in Tech brings another inspiring conference, and 2023 in Nashville was certainly no exception.

Our theme this year was “embracing the future together” – which, if you’ve ever been to a Girls in Tech event or participated in an online workshop, you’ll understand this really speaks to our core purpose. These conferences are as much about togetherness and support and fostering those bonds of our community, as they are about career development and professional upskilling.

We reached out to some of this year’s attendees to ask what their favorite part of the Girls in Tech Conference was and your responses were incredibly uplifting. And we wanted to recommend some additional content that is readily available for you on our Girls in Tech YouTube channel that may be of interest in regards to what you loved about the event.

“The possibilities of the future with AI were really interesting, as well as hearing how folks got to their current positions.”

We could not agree more, and we love being able to bring those speakers who are on the forefront of innovation into these events and onto the stage for you all.

For those who love exploring the possibilities of fields that are truly breaking ground and charging ahead with discovery, we thoroughly enjoyed this webinar about The New Space Economy – a fantastic discussion of space tech is at and where the opportunities lie.

“Hearing from women who are high achieving in their careers, what their experience has been, and what problems they solve and how. This is important to relate and allow me to believe it’s possible for me too.”

If you’re looking for more advice on powering your career, we highly recommend listening to this talk by Laura Drabik (who was one of our esteemed conference panelists) titled Find Your Fearless and Build Your Dream Career. Laura is such a wonderful speaker, and in this talk she presents 5 simple rules for leading a vibrant tech career at any age.

“It was a wonderful, uplifting event, honoring women at their finest. I loved hearing everyone’s stories…how they got to where they are now. Very inspiring!”

We adore getting this kind of feedback on our events. Inspiration is crucial to finding and building that tech career you dream of!

If this is the kind of content that drives you or that you feel you need right now, we suggest checking out our Go Your Own Way webinar that is all about empowering you in your work journey and reframing your relationship with your career.

To all who attended the conference, thank you for making 2023’s event our best yet. It only reaffirms why we do what we do, when we get to see a room full of creative, talented women from all different backgrounds speaking about their careers and experiences with the passion that you all do. Maintain the connections you’ve made, reflect on the things you heard, and let that be your reminder: tech needs you, just as you are.