The Girls in Tech Mentorship Program focuses on the education and empowerment of women in technology and entrepreneurship. Offered for university and professional women, the goal of the program is to identify and solve the obstacles keeping mentees from achieving their professional goals. As a result, the program is customized to each participant and her goals. Though, men are more than welcome to participate as mentors.

According to the American Society for Training and Development, 75% of executives say mentoring has been critical to their career development. The Girls in Tech Mentorship Program takes a three-tiered approach to create valuable interactions across demographics: building quality relationships, action-oriented projects, and confidence-building.

Benefits of Mentorship

The benefits of mentorship are too many to count. Finding a great mentor-mentee relationship can help you build your professional network, increase your self-confidence, enhance your skills and knowledge, meet fascinating business influencers, build meaningful connections to last your career, write a more effective resume, and better define your career goals and options. Just to name a few.

Mentorship Eligibility and Expectations

The Girls in Tech Mentorship Program is designed to be action-oriented, so it’s important to enter with a clear goal in mind. Both mentors and mentees are expected to:

  • Have a clear business goal
  • Be driven and have lots of passion
  • Attend 1 in-person meeting a month and 1 weekly phone call
  • Be prepared at each meeting with a list of action items to discuss, all with the intention of solving the problem and staying focused on the task at hand
  • Read the Mentor & Mentee instruction manual after selection and enrollment
  • Complete the survey after each meeting
Mentor and Mentee Application Instructions

Ready to be a mentor? Interested in being mentored?

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