I pledge to work honestly and meaningfully to erase the gender gap in the workplace through commitment to Half the Board: 50/50 by 2025.

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As an individual, I will make my best effort to:

    • Approach my company’s CEO and Board – by email or in a Town Hall or other appropriate forum – to respectfully encourage them to make the Half the Board pledge on behalf of the organization.
    • Write my governor and elected state officials asking them to propose legislation for the state’s appointed boards and committees to be composed of at least 50% women, as well as to create incentives for companies headquartered in my state so that there is positive reinforcement, not punitive measures, in reaching gender parity in boardrooms (Note: after you sign, we’ll share a letter for you to use, plus a handy tool to find and contact your elected representatives.)
    • Share the pledge with friends and colleagues, and ask them to put their words into action by making the pledge and working within their organizations to make the 50/50 by 2025 goal.
    • Partner with my company’s leaders and offer input on the strategies, processes, policies and tools needed for the company to reach the 50/50 by 2025 deadline

As a company leader, where applicable, I will do what’s in my power to:

    • Thoughtfully and passionately advocate with fellow leaders within the company to make the Half the Board pledge and create a viable plan for achieving the 50/50 by 2025 goal.
    • Reassure employees that they will not be penalized for speaking out about injustices. Women’s views must be respected and appropriately acted upon, and top leaders must consistently and forcefully reinforce the ethical and business need for representation that is intersectional and inclusive of all overlooked and nontraditional groups.
    • Foster environments that actively encourage constructive dissent. Embracing openness is critical to identifying, and ultimately addressing, concerning situations. I will not punish individuals who speak up to help identify problems. I will be open and transparent in how the situation will be addressed.
    • Plan in advance for upcoming board vacancies by proactively identifying, recruiting and training women and nontraditional leaders for future election to the board.