You love tech and the difference it can make in the world, but you don’t have technical skills. We’re here to tell you: That’s OK. Sure, you might hear a lot about coders and engineers, but they are only part of the big picture. In fact, 43% of tech company jobs are non-technical—a promising statistic if you’re looking for a job in tech but aren’t the “typical tech” person.

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Your skills are valuable, and tech companies definitely need your contribution. Teams need more than technical skills to innovate, and the most forward-thinking companies understand that diverse skill sets are essential to their success. And from creative to finance, many non-technical roles are in high demand.

Where to begin? For a lot of women in tech, the key to landing that dream job at a great tech company is learning to recognize the opportunity and understanding what you bring to the table.

There are lots of non-tech roles that you—yes, you!—would be perfect for. Check out this list of some of the most popular non-tech roles that companies are looking to fill.

Product Manager

Curiosity, strategic thinking and strong leadership skills are a good fit for this role. A product manager is essentially responsible for ensuring the success of a business product. While the specific responsibilities may vary from one company to the next, the key functions of a product manager can range from strategic planning to team management.


If you love writing and storytelling, there are lots of opportunities to hone that skill and turn it into a career. Copywriters write copy (text) meant to engage, persuade or educate people, including customers, employees and other stakeholders. Plus, they help companies develop their brand messaging. As a writer, you could explore several options depending on what excites you. Job titles can also include technical writer, UX writer and content writer.

Sales Manager

This is a job for the doers. Sales managers are responsible for making sure companies hit their revenue goals. The effectiveness of a marketing strategy really depends on the sales manager’s ability to deliver results. This is where strong leadership comes into play. If you can motivate a team to stay on task, set goals and hit those numbers, this might be the job for you. If you have a background in sales, even better.

Financial Analyst

Tech companies need financial pros who can help inform critical business and investment decisions. So if you have a background in finance — investment banking, treasury, controllership — you already have the tools you need to work in tech. We’re talking to you data crunchers who love a good Excel spreadsheet. There’s also room for professional growth. In most companies, an analyst is an entry-level position, but if you have some years under your belt, you’re better suited for a senior analyst or management role.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers — sometimes called martech managers — need to understand the product inside and out. As a tech newbie, this could be an opportunity to dive right in, study up and learn fast. This is also a great position for creatives. Marketing roles are often quite flexible in tech, as a combination of skills is required to take on a wide range of responsibilities. Other functions under this role include PR, communications, analytics and influencer relations.

Account Executive

An account executive is a master at building relationships — with clients, potential clients, sales teams and company stakeholders. In this role, you initiate business deals and help maintain a strong rapport between the company and the customer. This senior management role is a great opportunity if you’re at a crossroads mid-career, feeling ambitious and looking for your next challenge. A great fit if you’re outgoing, as excellent networking and negotiating skills are a must.

You Have a Place in Tech

Technical or non-technical, everyone has a place in tech. Every background, skill set and perspective brings value to tech companies and helps foster innovation. So, find out what opportunities are right for you, get your LinkedIn profile ready and take a look at our Jobs Board for current openings at leading tech companies.

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