September 15 – 9:00 am to 6:00 pm PST

9:00 am


Welcome to the Girls in Tech 2021 Conference. We’ll kick off with an introduction to the day’s program and speakers, plus a rundown on how to use the online conference platform.

Kym McNicholas, Host of The Innovator’s Network

9:05 am


Get inspired as our founder Adriana Gascoigne shares the latest industry news.

Adriana Gascoigne, CEO and Founder at Girls in Tech

9:12 am

Opening Remarks

In this brief but inspiring talk, Sandy Carter, VP at Amazon Web Services and Girls in Tech Board member, will set the tone for the day, offering wisdom on how to thrive as a woman in tech. Plus, she’ll cover off the highlights of Girls in Tech’s programs and community.

Sandy Carter, VP of Worldwide Public Sector Partners and Programs at Amazon Web Services

9:19 am

Meditation, Breathing, and Focus

It’s time to detach from the stresses and distractions of life. In this session, Sonja from The More Human Company will guide us with exercises to slow down and be present, so we can get the most out of the day. Relax and open your mind, ready for learning.

Sonja Montague MacKay, Founder at The More Human Company

9:31 am

The Battle for the Soul of AI

Bias in AI is real and well documented. We need to get more women and diverse voices into the field now, so we don’t create irreversible problems. Who controls AI now? And how do we ensure inclusivity and power sharing in the future? Find out in this must-see keynote.

Roselyn Cason-Marcus, Global Leader, Black Senior Recruiting & Retention at McKinsey & Company

9:48 am

Find Your ‘Fearless’ and Build the Career of Your Dreams

Success in tech is achievable—if you put the right pieces in place to thrive at any stage of your career. In this candid, first-hand account of the digital revolution, Laura Drabik shares five simple rules for leading a vibrant tech career in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and beyond.

Laura Drabik, Chief Evangelist at Guidewire Software

10:05 am

Improbable is not Impossible

Kimberly Ellison-Taylor started her tech journey in inner-city Baltimore, and has taken it to stages around the world. She’s pushed through barriers and overcome ‘improbable’ circumstances to prove that it’s not always ‘impossible’. Learn how to identify your unique superpower so you can take your career to new heights.

Kimberly N. Ellison-Taylor, CEO at KET Solutions, LLC & former Executive Director, Finance Thought Leadership at Oracle

10:22 am

How Women In STEM Are Taking Off

A female tech leader at Boeing, Susan Doniz is perfectly placed to share her impressive personal journey, packed with learnings. In this talk she’ll inspire hope in global companies like Boeing, explaining how they’re investing in young women in STEM, increasing diversity, and strengthening pathways for women to lead.

Susan Doniz, CIO & Senior VP of Information Technology & Data Analytics at Boeing

10:39 am


Meditation Session with Nike, Networking, and Expo Hall

Xochilt Hoover, Nike Trainer

10:56 am

Breakout Session Track 1 – Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

Snapchat dog filters. Medical diagnostics. Alexa recognizing your voice. Smart self-driving cars… Examples abound of how artificial intelligence and machine learning are powering the world around us. In this session we’ll explore this exciting and rapidly growing field, and you’ll walk away understanding the key challenges and opportunities it offers.

Sabrina Atienza, Head of Voice AI at Pegasystems, and former Founder and CEO of Qurious

10:56 am

Breakout Session Track 2 – Reasons We Resist (Procrastinate)

You wouldn’t be where you are today without some capacity to plan and execute. Even so, you may find yourself stuck at times, unable to move forward. This breakout session will explore key reasons why we procrastinate, to help dissect and diagnose the root causes of our own internal resistance.

Marnie Rosenberg, Founder at The Crossroads Coach

11:53 pm

AWS Panel Interview: The Blueprint for Success

It’s a panel of AWS tech professionals! Each with a tale to tell about what they’ve learned from the career challenges they’ve encountered. This talk will inspire and equip aspiring technologists and professionals with tools of the trade to help you thrive personally and professionally.

Panelist: Crysta Dungee, Head of Inclusion Diversity and Equity Programs at Amazon Web Services Startups
Panelist: Laura Grit, VP/Distinguished Engineer at Amazon Web Services
Panelist: Kim Majerus, Leader of US Education, State and Local Government at Amazon Web Services
Moderator: Sandy Carter, VP of Worldwide Public Sector Partners and Programs at Amazon Web Services

12:25 pm

Lunch Break

Lunch, Musical Performance, and Networking

Dave Kim, Founder & CEO at Dave Kim Music

12:47 pm

Empowering Women in the Workplace

Olabisi Boyle has experienced a unique career journey, as a female leader in a predominately male industry. She’ll share the challenges she’s had to overcome in order to claim a seat at the table, plus tips and advice for those looking to make similar moves in their career.

Olabisi Boyle, VP of Product & Mobility at Hyundai

1:04 pm

Arm Yourself With Cybersecurity Skills

One of the most in-demand fields of today, cybersecurity is needed everywhere. From airplanes, to medical robots, to the White House, to financial payments and beyond. Hear from Dr Alissa Abdullah as she talks through the threats of today and tomorrow and what you can do to protect yourself.

Alissa Abdullah, PhD, SVP & Deputy CSO at Mastercard

1:21 pm

Fireside Chat: Thriving At Work With Disability

70% of people with disabilities feel disengaged at work. We clearly need to make workplaces more inclusive – But how? Join us for an insightful chat with Maria Town, President, and CEO of the American Association of People with Disabilities. We’ll discuss inclusive recruitment and engagement, and how to talk to an employer about your disability.

Interviewee: Maria Town, President and CEO of the American Association of People with Disabilities
Interviewer: Kym McNicholas, Host of The Innovator’s Network

1:48 pm


Stretching Session with Nike, Networking, and Expo Hall

Xochilt Hoover, Nike Trainer

2:05 pm

Career Growth Is Risky Business

What if we told you that ‘climbing the ladder’ is more like a game of Snakes and Ladders? There are shortcuts and backtracks. Well-placed decisions can accelerate your progress. In this talk, Judy Buchholz of Pegasystems, will share her journey and inspire us to take bold career risks, while helping others along the way.

Judy Buchholz, Head of Commercial Sales for the Americas at Pegasystems

2:22 pm

Facing Bias: It’s Not Easy

Navigating race and gender bias in the workplace is not easy. But Jacqueline D. Woods has vowed to never let it hold her back. This talk will encourage you to challenge bias, redefine the face of the C-suite and embrace teams with diverse backgrounds, skills, gender and ethnicities.

Jacqueline D. Woods, CMO at NielsenIQ

2:39 pm

Breakout Session Track 1 – Creativity in Writing Software

The outcome of solving a problem using software may be automation, but the process of getting there is a creative one. In this Breakout Session, Ed will discuss why writing software is fundamentally a creative activity involving problem solving where the only limits are our imagination.

Ed Schofield, Founder and CEO at Python Charmers

2:39 pm

Breakout Session Track 2 – Unlock Your Creative Confidence

When we’re cut-off from our creativity and imagination, it can affect our ability to generate new ideas, collaborate with different people, and adapt to constantly-changing work environments. In this session you’ll adopt art-based practices and learn techniques to engage your imagination and build more confidence in your own creativity.

Adam Rosendahl, Chief Experience Officer at LATE NITE ART

3:36 pm


Networking and Expo Hall

Kym McNicholas, Host of The Innovator’s Network

3:53 pm

How To Find Your Voice And SPEAK UP!

Being introverted or shy can be a challenge for women in the workplace. But Deb Liu, CEO of Ancestry, is here to teach us how to develop a voice and overcome fears around speaking up. She’ll explain why finding your voice leads to deeper and more meaningful connections.

Deb Liu, CEO and President at Ancestry

4:10 pm

Forget Work-Life Balance: The Secret is to ‘Integrate’

Learning to blur the lines between professional and personal can help you get ahead in your career and experience greater fulfillment in life. In this session, Licenia Rojas shares insights on how to boost your performance and lead more effectively by being authentically ‘you’ in the workplace.

Licenia Rojas, Chief Engineer at TD Bank

4:27 pm

Building A Career In Tech: Just Do It

Wherever you’re at in your career, get prepared to be re-energized by the learnings and reflections of Andrea Morgan-Vandome, Vice President of Technical Product Manager in Nike Global Technology. Like many leading women in tech, her journey is anything but ordinary. This session contains pearls of wisdom for everyone.

Andrea Morgan-Vandome, VP of Technical Product Management at Nike

4:44 pm

Starting A Family Doesn’t Mean Your Career Is Over

Many women think that having kids will ‘stall’ your career. But Maria Lensing of McKesson argues it doesn’t have to be this way! You can shift the family model and find your own version of success. Hear how Maria’s real-life ‘modern family’ is structured so everyone can follow their dreams.

Maria Lensing, SVP & CTO Infrastructure, Engineering & Operations at McKesson

5:01 pm

A Career With No Regrets

Women are known for selling themselves short. But after this energetic career pep talk, you won’t be passing up on opportunities too soon. Jameeka Green Aaron will inspire you to dream big, rock the boat, and take the road less traveled in your journey to changing the world.

Jameeka Green Aaron, CISSP, Chief Information Security Officer, Okta (Auth0)

5:18 pm

Why You Shouldn’t Strive For Perfectionism

Perfectionists: this one’s for you. Cisco’s Grace Francisco will speak on the downsides of perfectionism, how it’s held her back in her career, and how she earned her grit and tenacity. Learn how to strike the ideal balance between doing your work well and taking risks to try new things.

Grace Francisco, VP of Developer Relations Strategy & Experience at Cisco

5:35 pm

The Three Ps Of Career Success

People with successful careers tend to have something in common: They’ve mastered the Three Ps of Career Success. Join Sonya Echols, VP of HR Comcast as she unpacks what the Three Ps are, and outlines practical steps you can take to apply them in your own journey.

Sonya Echols, VP of HR Comcast

5:52 pm

Year in Review, Wrap up & Conclusion

It’s been a big year for Girls in Tech members. Join us as we celebrate the amazing talent our community has displayed, the opportunities we’ve uncovered, and the exciting programs we’ve helped to run. Plus, witness the announcement of our Virtual Hackathon and Startup Challenge winners. Drumroll please…

Kym McNicholas, Host of The Innovator’s Network

6:00 pm

Networking Function

By now your mind should be brimming with new ideas, questions, knowledge, skills and excitement. Meet with others who are feeling the same, swap stories, make connections and enjoy the company of other women in tech. Plus, visit the Expo Hall to learn more about exciting tech companies and what they’re doing.

Kym McNicholas, Host of The Innovator’s Network

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