Sharing My Voice from Ecuador

By Jodie Padilla

2 min

As a scientific researcher, my work has allowed me to better understand the lack of equity in STEM. Because of this work, I was motivated to get involved with communities, including Girls in Tech, that are committed to equity in technology.

This is how I gradually began to participate in the programs offered by our global community. For example, in the 3D Design Global Classroom, I met — virtually — women from all over the world and received constant guidance from experts. I also participated in and won the Autodesk Competition. Since I got involved with this community I have had repeated opportunities to develop my potential, so I did not hesitate to apply for the “Share Your Voice” global competition.

Winning this contest and assisting for the first time with the Catalyst Conference has been, in short, the best learning and growth opportunity — personal or professional — I’ve had! During that two-day journey, I met many outstanding STEM women like the Girls in Tech managing directors, who inspired attendees and have become mentors for many women.

Speakers included representatives from world-renowned organizations such as NASA, Pixar, CNN, Unicef, eBay, Netflix, The Boeing Company, Canva, Ideo, Visa and more. Knowing their testimonies also made me recognize the importance of making visible the work of women in leadership positions — those women who are protagonists of change and responsible for decision-making at large companies. The truth is that if we do not see examples to follow, it is difficult for girls and young women to imagine themselves reaching such positions.

Thank you, Adriana and the entire Girls In Tech team, for creating these spaces that inspire so much!

You deserve to have opportunities and meet people who will enhance your professional development.

Know that you are not the rare one who swims against a tide of inequality.

Learn how to restore the existing gaps, find purpose every day and be proud of the woman you are.

It is always good to know what happens out there, and that is something I learned from Girls In Tech. Now I can say that I have a more expanded vision of what I can achieve through technology, what my contribution to my environment represents and how important it is to prioritize myself while I try to change the world. Work on yourself, develop skills, acquire knowledge, get involved with more people, invest time in what is important — and you will see the opportunities arrive.


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