Where were you when you realized that COVID-19 was a real thing?

Our CEO and the rest of the leadership team stood in front of the entire company and we had an honest dialogue about what's going on.

It was at work. Every Friday we have these wrap-up meetings. Our CEO and the rest of the leadership team stand in front of the entire company and we had an honest dialogue about what’s going on.

We had a really honest conversation about coronavirus.

They had made the hard decision to have us work from home. It was weird. It felt very surreal because people were taking all their things home from their desks, like their monitors, and it really hit me at that moment that we’re going to be in this for a while—not just for a couple of weeks. I realized that things were changing and the world was going to look different.  My everyday existence is going to be different.

I’m 100% Zoomed out.

It’s definitely been interesting. It was easier in the beginning. I’m naturally an introvert. I live alone in a really small studio, so I’m used to doing my own thing and being by myself. But it’s definitely getting harder. I’m 100% Zoomed out. As much as I love people, it feels more draining and exhausting to be on video calls. It just feels less natural. There are all these social cues that don’t read as well on video. Yeah, it’s definitely changed.

But I love the idea of hitting pause because my fire was out. And I felt like I was trying to reprioritize my life to really slow down, but I just couldn’t. It’s almost like a blessing in disguise in some ways because it made me focus on what I really care about, and figure out what I want to do when this is all over. The thing that gets me excited is thinking about what I’m passionate about. I don’t have anything to do but spend time with myself, and be really introspective and reflective, which has been really awesome. That, and taking more naps, sleeping in longer and just being really kind to myself. These are things we take for granted. Some days are hard, but other days I just feel so lucky to have an apartment, a job and an awesome community of people that is just like one Slack message or text message away.