CODE GIT is a free, in-person, intermediate level bootcamp that teaches programming to girls and women. Our mission? To reverse the gender imbalance in technology through education and empowerment.

Kicking off for the first time, CODE GIT will teach web development using Python! This 5-day bootcamp will help you get started with web development and teach you modern best practices for creating maintainable codebases. It will be offered multiple times a year.

Participants will receive immediate career advancement skills by learning about the essentials of web development in Python. Taught by subject matter experts and designed for intermediate level programmers, CODEGIT covers everything from templating to handling databases, creating RESTful web APIs, and maintainable, and scalable code. You’ll walk away with marketable skills in a popular and powerful web technology stack.

After CODEGIT, you could create a web-based company or start contributing immediately to an existing web development team. What will you do next?

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The application deadline is January 15th at midnight PST.

Program Details

Dates: Monday, January 28th – Friday, February 1st, 2019

Times: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Duration: 5 days

Day 1: Review of Python essentials

Day 2: Web development with Flask

Day 3: Database handling and RESTful APIs

Day 4: Best practices

Day 5: Deployment

Venue: AWS’s loft space, San Francisco

Format: Each topic is a mixture of hands-on exercises, expert instruction, demos, and group projects.

Group size: up to 15 people

Instructors: Janis Lesinskis and Ed Schofield

Audience: Women early in their careers who have prior coding experience in Python.

Overview: Python is used by tech companies across Silicon Valley and worldwide. This bootcamp will focus on how to create modern back-end websites using Python and the Flask web framework, an elegant, thriving technology stack used by companies like Pinterest and Twilio. We will help you get started with web development in Python and teach you modern best practices for creating maintainable codebases in teams.

Experience level: Prior experience with Python (at least 3-6 months is recommended).

Please view the CODE GIT Program Overview here.