Programs built for you

Girls in Tech gives members the tools to succeed in work and life. Whether you’re just starting out, transitioning from another career or deepening your experience, we’re here to help you land the job and navigate the many phases of your career.

Digital Programs

Learn, collaborate and connect from the comfort of your own home. From one-hour webinars to six-week courses, our interactive and fun virtual programs inspire confidence through education. Plus, you can put your skills to work for the greater good in our Virtual Hackathon, or take advantage of online mentorship opportunities.

Personal Development

Build the soft skills you need to succeed — the ones that often go overlooked, but are invaluable in the workplace. For example, develop better communication and stronger leadership skills. You’ll find learning opportunities on the blog, and in our tailored Girls in Tech Academy courses.


Rigorous workshops provide you with practical and relevant skills you can apply immediately and directly in the workplace. Our bootcamps empower you with the fundamental tools and education needed to grow and develop in your professional and personal life.


Get a standing invite to all our events, and find the community you need to grow. Network, participate in competitions and learn from industry leaders. Listen, share and bond with a diverse community.