Season 2 : Episode 1

Thinking Big for Small Businesses

May 2021 ∙

Thinking Big for Small Businesses

Small and medium size businesses account for 98% of all businesses on the planet and of 50% of global GDP. How is technology helping these businesses innovate, grow and shift in a world where small matters? In today’s episode, Sandy Carter, Amazon Web Services Vice President, WWPS Partners and Programs and Chairman of the Board at Girls in Tech brings us into the world of thinking big for small businesses, mentorship and honoring one’s voice along the journey.

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Featured in This Episode

Girls in Tech board member Sandy Carter is a thought leader in technology market entry and the digital business revolution. She is Vice President of Public Sector Partners and Programs for Amazon Web Services, where she designs and evolves partner models to intensify partner innovation. In addition to her work at AWS, Sandy is an international keynote speaker and author who has written the best-selling books The New Language of Business, The New Language of Marketing, and Get Bold. Highly regarded as one of the most influential and powerful women in technology, Sandy has received various accolades, including the Franz Edelman Laureate for Analytics Innovation, and has been recognized as one of Forbes’ 2016 Digital Influencers and Onalytica’s Top 100 for Cloud and IoT.

Sandy joins me today to highlight the power of expressing yourself and sharing your ideas to the world to change history. She reveals the skills people need to grow in the technology industry and discusses the power of curiosity and asking questions. She explains why women need to prepare for, spot, and seize growth opportunities and describes why women need to support each other. She also shares her journey as a changemaker in the tech industry and underscores the value of having people who support you in changing the world.“If you have all these ideas and don’t express them, you wouldn’t be able to change history. Finding your voice empowers you to create change.” – Sandy Carter

This Week on the Podcast

  • The powerful moment of finding your voice and expressing it
  • Sandy’s journey to becoming a changemaker in tech and her role at Amazon Web Services
  • How technology is changing businesses and industries
  • How Amazon Web Services supports small businesses on a global scale
  • The important role of small businesses in the public sector
  • How the public sector saw the power of cloud computing in the midst of COVID-19
  • Technology’s transformative power in the world
  • How Amazon Web Services partners with local cultures to serve needs that are different from the needs of the western world
  • The skills individuals need to prosper in technology
  • The power of curiosity and why people need to hone their problem-solving skills
  • How to keep your curiosity alive
  • What it takes to work on a global scale and make the world a better place
  • Preparing for growth opportunities and managing the imposter syndrome
  • The difference between a mentor and a sponsor
  • The role of mothers in Sandy’s life and how their lessons impacted her
  • Why women need to help each other

Resources Mentioned

The Creator’s Code: The Six Essential Skills of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs by Amy Wilkinson

Connect with Sandy Carter

Sandy Carter
Book: Extreme Innovation: 3 Superpowers for Purpose and Profit
Book: Get Bold: Using Social Media to Create a New Type of Social Business
Book: The New Language of Marketing 2.0: How to Use ANGELS to Energize Your Market
Book: The New Language of Business: Soa & Web 2.0
Sandy Carter on LinkedIn
Sandy Carter on Facebook
Sandy Carter on Twitter

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