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Season 2 : Episode 3

Telling Better Stories with Data (+Authenticity)

May 2021 ∙

Telling Better Stories with Data (+Authenticity)

The world of advertising, for good or bad, is known for designing images and messages that draw the consumer in to purchase, follow and if you’re lucky obsess over brand culture. Yet, recent trends show that consumers want authenticity over advertising. How can brands use technology to help? My guest today, Asmirh Davis, Founding Partner and CSO at Majority, shares how data and its power to tell, deeper richer stories, is leading the way. We also talk about her journey as a Black Woman in Advertising and what it’s like to work with her co-founders, including the celebrity factor with Shaquille O’Neal.

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Featured in This Episode

Asmirh Davis is the CSO and founding partner of Majority, a branding agency based in Atlanta, Georgia. Asmirh grew up in Tennessee, and from an early age, had a deep interest in learning and a keen talent for writing. As she entered the professional world, she found that her intellectual curiosity and interest in human behavior formed a natural route to communications. She has had a successful career in marketing and communications in the Atlanta area for over eighteen years. In 2021, she partnered with Ohmid Farhang, Jorge Hernandez and Shaquille O’Neal to form Majority, which she describes as “an agency for the culture.” Majority strives to represent its consumers by adhering to a diversity-led talent model and by using data to understand the changing landscape of consumer culture.

Asmirh joins me today to discuss her journey to marketing and how being a black woman in the advertising industry has impacted her perspective and contributions. She shares the impact of data and how it can often lead to new and exciting marketing strategies. She discusses the importance of looking at the whole picture when analyzing data and why we should remove our own experiences and biases from the equation when creating a campaign. Asmirh also offers insight into what our changing cultural dynamic means for advertising and marketing and why it’s imperative for the industry to evolve with those changes.

“With most brands and most projects, it just really comes down to understanding human behavior. And that is agnostic to what your own personal experiences are.” – Asmirh Davis

This Week on the Podcast

  • How Asmirh’s childhood strengths created a natural path to a career in communications
  • Tactics and strategies for overcoming the challenges of being a black woman in technology
  • Why the culture of advertising needs to change
  • How allowing data to tell its story often leads to surprising and more successful strategies
  • Why you should have a unique and authentic perspective in advertising
  • Why performative marketing is so detrimental to your business
  • How data informs marketing
  • Why Asmirh doesn’t love advertising in general and how she has found a meaningful way to contribute to the campaigns she works on
  • How Asmirh teamed up with Shaquille O’Neal to form Majority
  • Advice for women and people of color trying to get into advertising and marketing
  • How technology will change the advertising industry in the future

Connect with Asmirh Davis

Asmirh Davis Website
Majority Website
Majority on LinkedIn
Majority on Instagram
Majority on Twitter
Asmirh Davis on LinkedIn

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