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Season 2 : Episode 6

Sports: Transforming Athletes, Fans + the Metaverse

Jun 2021 ∙

Sports: Transforming Athletes, Fans + the Metaverse

For decades, the Sports world and its fans have resisted infusing too much tech into their experience for fear of losing the joy of generational tradition. But with technology drastically changing the way athletes train and perform, evolved fan experiences have caught on and are finally surfacing. Today’s guest, Sandra Lopez, VP for Intel Sports and Media, discusses trends and innovations for athletes, fans and the Sports Metaverse. Sandra also shares her non-linear path into Tech and why it’s so important to create your personal brand Board of Directors.

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Featured in This Episode

Sandra Lopez is the VP for Intel Sports and Media. She began her career in the fashion industry, focusing on consumer and corporate marketing. Her experiences led her to the world of technology, where she was able to couple her love of sports with her passion for technology as an outreach and accessibility tool. At Intel, she leads a team that focuses on the future of technology as an immersive media experience for fans and users. In addition to her work at Intel, Sandra focuses on empowering and uplifting future women leaders in the tech industry.

On today’s episode, Sandra and I discuss the future of technology in sports and its opportunity to be used in innovative ways. She shares her journey to the tech industry and why she’s so excited about new immersive experiences to create a more interactive and inclusive experience for sports fans. She details some of the ways she believes technology can break down economic barriers and create accessibility among users. Sandra also discusses her passion for empowering women in business and shares the most important steps you can take for career development.

“Allow yourself to do something that you didn’t think you were going to do because, most likely, the universe is trying to send you in that direction.” – Sandra Lopez

This Week on the Podcast

  • The history of sports and technology
  • The impact of technology and its ability to create positive growth
  • The power of data to understand the skills and capabilities of athletes
  • How volumetric video can be used to meet the needs of different audiences
  • Why the Metaverse could be a valuable accessibility tool
  • How technology allowed the sports industry to pivot during COVID
  • How the tech industry is being challenged to deliver inclusive experiences
  • How Sandra’s nonlinear path shaped her career
  • Why having a board of directors for her career has been an invaluable resource
  • The value in networking and why women need to do it more
  • The most important steps you can take for career development

Resources Mentioned


Connect with Sandra Lopez

Sandra Lopez on LinkedIn
Sandra Lopez on Instagram
Sandra Lopez on Twitter

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