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Season 2 : Episode 2

How to Get a Kick*ss Job in Tech Right Now

May 2021 ∙

How to Get a Kick*ss Job in Tech Right Now

The tech job market is super hot right now – across every industry. Being intentional about your search and understanding how to make your authentic and talented self shine through is critical to getting an interview and landing the job. So what’s the best way? My guest today is Carolyn Betts, Founder and CEO of Betts Recruiting, one of the top tech recruiting firms in the country. In our interview, Carolyn shares today’s hottest trends in tech recruiting, solving for tech’s diversity issue, and tips for landing a kickass job in tech right now.

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Featured in This Episode

Carolyn Betts Fleming is the Founder and CEO of Betts Recruiting, an organization that helps innovative companies build a solid talent base. Specializing in recruiting for revenue-generating roles, Betts stands at the forefront of what’s happening in technology but is also at the helm of changing the future of staffing & recruiting. In addition to her work at Betts, Carolyn is devoted to leveraging her success for the good of many. She is a Pledger at Founders Pledge, which enables entrepreneurs and investors to give back to charity, and a Board Member at BUILD, a group that seeks to ignite the potential of under-resourced youth through entrepreneurship.

Carolyn joins me today to discuss why 2021 is an excellent year of opportunity for women in technology. She reveals which technology jobs have the highest demand and explains how candidates can separate themselves from others, especially if they lack experience. She describes how COVID-19 impacted recruitment and how the jobs market is changing in 2021 in light of the “new normal.” She also highlights what customer success means and underscores why companies should be intentional when cultivating diversity & inclusion in their teams.

“2021 is a great time if you’re thinking of making a move, especially for women. Companies are hiring, and they’re being intentional about the types of talent they bring in.” – Carolyn Betts Fleming

This Week on the Podcast

  • How job interviews and conversations have become less formal over the years
  • Carolyn’s journey of starting Betts Recruiting before the start-up culture
  • What made Carolyn decide to start her company and go on her mission to help companies find the right talent
  • How Carolyn grew Betts from a one-woman operation to a diverse team
  • The reason companies need to be intentional when it comes to cultivating diversity & inclusion
  • How providing training can fill the talent gap at the junior level
  • Technology’s impact on the staffing & recruitment industry
  • LinkedIn, its progression, and how it has become a less effective tool for recruiters over the years
  • The status of the recruitment market in the technology sector in 2021
  • How to get hired in the best technology jobs in 2021
  • Companies’ fear of recruiting candidates with less experience
  • Finding the right way to connect with the right company
  • The difference between going through job postings and working with recruiters
  • Technology job titles currently high on the recruitment list

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