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Season 2 : Episode 4

How EdTech Trends Are Evolving

May 2021 ∙

How EdTech Trends Are Evolving

Trends in EdTech suggest that not only have we all shifted our preferences in the way we are learning, but a new ecosystem is unfolding where corporations and universities are creating new and more accessible pathways for those starting or growing within the workforce. My guest today, Asha Choksi, VP of Insights, Strategy and Innovation at Pearson dives into this new trend and others that will likely redefine higher and lifelong education as we know it.

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Featured in This Episode

Asha Choksi is the Vice President of Insights, Strategy, and Innovation at Pearson, one of the world’s leaders in providing high-quality learning experiences. Their goal is to improve the employability of individuals with the latest in education technology. As Vice President, Asha’s role is to head the company’s strategy and consumer research, portfolio management, and product marketing and innovation. She specializes in market research, quantitative research, customer insights, and management consulting. Before becoming Vice President, Asha served as Global Vice President for Market Research & Insights from 2016 to 2020.

Asha joins me today to discuss how the EdTech industry can innovate beyond video meetings for remote learning needs and explains how the pandemic caught every sector by surprise, especially those in education. She shares why we will never truly go back to pre-Covid-19 learning models, but we’ll have more options for the needs of every individual. She discusses the college drop rates in 2020 and why community colleges were among those heavily affected. She describes how tech companies are expanding their reach towards education. Asha also shares actionable advice to those who want to be part of the EdTech industry and what goals they should pursue from the very beginning.

“We need to invest in truly digital, immersive, consumer-grade experiences.” – Asha Choksi

This week on the Podcast

  • Asha’s role in Pearson and what she helps the company achieve.
  • Why the pandemic changed education the most and the innovations needed to address these changes.
  • The opportunities that online learning opened for EdTech.
  • Asha’s thoughts on remote working and the barriers that need to be broken.
  • How they plan to address the negative perception of value towards higher education.
  • What alternate credentials are and how it can improve employment rates.
  • How data can be used to personalize educational experiences.
  • Why employers will eventually become the new university.
  • Why we may never go back to the pre-pandemic normal of education.
  • Asha’s advice to those who want to enter the EdTech space.
  • The future of EdTech and what Asha believes would be the great equalizer.

Connect with Asha Choksi:

Pearson on LinkedIn
Asha Choksi on LinkedIn

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