Girls in Tech Podcast: Season 3, Episode 8 – Dalia Feldheim

Episode 8

Meet Dalia Feldheim, author of "Dare to Lead Like a Girl"

From leading within the trenches (quite literally) to taking charge from the top, Dalia Feldheim is the ultimate force for good and an exemplar of modern leadership.

A Senior Executive with over 20 years of experience leading iconic and award-winning campaigns such as #LikeAGirl, Dalia has graced C-Suites and stages with an illustrious career that has empowered so many women to do the same — particularly from her passion for passion.

Hear about:

  • Why your first boss will have the biggest impact on your career.
  • How our brains are wired to listen for negativity five times louder than positivity.
  • Why you should focus on your strengths instead of your opportunities.
  • The moment that Dalia realized that she was in the business of empowering women.
  • Why the act of trying something new pushed her to get out of a toxic work environment.

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