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Season 2 : Episode 10

Founder Journey: Funding, Community & Never Giving Up

Jul 2021 ∙

Founder Journey: Funding, Community & Never Giving Up

Female founders have a unique journey. With only 1 in 4 startups having a woman behind it, the female journey is proven to be riddled with unconscious and overt bias, lack of funding and prejudice. But that is not stopping founders like Rebecca Clyde to build her AI startup, secure funding and pave the way for other women in tech to believe in their ideas and keep going! In today’s conversation, we dive into the world of product development, venture capital and the unequivocal importance of community.

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Featured in This Episode

Rebecca Clyde is a public speaker, LatinX founder, and entrepreneur. She is the co-founder and CEO of Botco.ai, a company that helps healthcare providers improve their engagement with patients through a HIPAA-compliant, AI-powered chat solution. She is a highly-regarded marketing leader and public speaker who has received several accolades. In 2020, she was included in the List of Most Influential Women in Arizona, while she was named the “Most Admired Leader” by the Phoenix Business Journal in 2018. In addition to her work leading Botco.ai, Rebecca serves as Board Member for Mentors International, an organization that seeks to end generational poverty through mentoring and vocational training.

Rebecca joins me today to share her journey as a woman of color in entrepreneurship and technology. She describes her beginnings in the tech industry and explains how communities like Girls in Tech allowed her to connect with her co-founder. She shares her vision for healthcare around the world and discusses how Botco.ai seeks to transform the way the healthcare industry serves consumers for the better. She also highlights the different challenges women face in venture capitalism and underscores the power of believing in your idea.

“It’s all about creating a space where people can come together, collaborate, share ideas, and grow and mentor each other. That’s how the magic happens.” – Rebecca Clyde

This Week on the Podcast

  • How Rebecca’s childhood upbringing gave her an appreciation for discovery and curiosity
  • Her journey in tech and her road to becoming the co-founder of Botco.ai
  • How Rebecca took her business training from college and applied it to the engineering realm
  • A meeting of minds and how Girls in Tech allowed Rebecca to connect with her future co-founder
  • The Botco.ai origin story and how they serve the healthcare industry
  • Rebecca’s passion for AI and what she envisions for healthcare and the world
  • How AI can impact healthcare and how the tech industry can help consumers be more comfortable with using it
  • The “snowball” effect in AI and technology and the difference between companies in the “pre-seed” and “seed” stages
  • The consumerization of healthcare and how COVID-19 forced the industry to adopt technology
  • The double standards Rebecca faced in the venture capital community and the challenges of being a Latinx female founder in the tech industry
  • Rebecca’s advice for other founders at the early stages of their businesses
  • The power of cultivating a community

Connect with Rebecca Clyde

Botco.ai on LinkedIn
Botco.ai on Instagram
Botco.ai on Facebook
Botco.ai on Twitter
Rebecca Clyde on LinkedIn

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