International Women’s Day

Over the past year, we’ve seen the issues that impact women — equal pay, sexual harassment, maternity and family policies, representation on corporate boards —  take center stage.  All are conversations that matter, and issues that affect all of us. After all, women have been kicking ass at the forefront of STEM for decades.

But talking isn’t enough. Women’s achievements in the workplace often continue to go unnoticed or get dismissed. Our work won’t be done until a woman’s name is as synonymous with tech as Steve Jobs; until women cover the pages of computer science textbooks; until people assume that scientist, founder, or CEO is a She.

It’s time that women get downright brash about their tech achievements, isn’t it? We’re calling on women in tech to be as bold as their successes are, to be brazenly proud of their career accomplishments—and to lift each other up for all the world to see.

Introducing #LadyBrags, a celebration of #womenatwork. Here’s how to participate:

Write it. Own what you are most proud of, or nominate a friend for their incredible work and brag on their behalf! Download one of the #Ladybrags graphics, below, print it, and write your (or their/her) #ladybrags. No printer nearby? No problem. A Post-It or any sheet of paper works!

Post it. Post your brag to a wall inside your office, and encourage your friends and coworkers to download and post too. Encourage allies to nominate women, and help great work from other ladies recognized and celebrated alongside yours.

Share it. Snap a picture and share it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other platforms, use the hashtag #Ladybrags, and tag friends to pass it on!

*GIT encourages all women and women/female identifying individuals to participate!

Every #Ladybrags post will help elevate women in the workplace. Keep your eye on the #Ladybrags hashtag through #IWD2018 and during March, Women’s History Month. Tomorrow’s future CEOs, VCs & Founders are out there doing great work today!

Ready to take the next step?

Create a fundraising team and ask your networks to support the accomplishments of women. A donation to Girls in Tech directly funds the achievements and #Ladybrag moments of women entrepreneurs and at every level of tech through educational programming.

Sign-up and create a fundraising team here.  

Your Fundraising Impact:

$100 helps us provide scholarships so students can attend events like the Catalyst Conference for free.

$250 provides Girls in Tech entrepreneurs with advanced trainings and mentorship opportunities.

$500 helps launch our global social impact series Hacking For Humanity.

$1,000 teaches a woman to code at Code GIT, Girls in Tech’s exclusive coding academy launching in 2018.

$5,000 opens a new Girls in Tech chapter in an underserved community around the world.

Thank you for celebrating women at work around the world!