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The Race Toward Quantum Computing

Feb 7, 2024


The Next Frontier in Technological Evolution is Here

Quantum Computing stands at the cusp of revolutionizing our world. This seminar will dive into the heart of what makes Quantum Computing not just a buzzword but a pivotal force in shaping our future. From personalizing medicine to redefining cybersecurity, the applications are vast and transformative.

Why Now?

With Quantum Computing predicted to become commercially viable in just 3-5 years, understanding its impact is crucial for any forward-thinking executive. This seminar is your gateway to comprehending and leveraging this exponential technology.

What Will You Learn?

  1. The Essence of Quantum Computing: Understanding the fundamentals and how it differs from traditional computing.
  2. Current Developments: Insights into the latest advancements and the key players shaping the field.
  3. Practical Applications: Exploring how quantum computing is set to revolutionize industries like healthcare, material science, and more.
  4. Global Impact: Examining the worldwide implications of quantum advancements.
  5. Quantum Software & Cybersecurity: The steps and considerations in creating quantum-resistant cybersecurity measures.
  6. Business Relevance: Grasping how quantum computing will directly influence your business and personal life.

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Featured Speakers

Jeremiah Owyang

General Partner at Blitzscaling Ventures

Sandy Carter

Chief Operating Officer at Unstoppable Domains


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