Girls in Tech Bootcamps range from beginner to intermediate-level, hands-on 2-5 day workshops teaching coding, design, and leadership skills for entrepreneurs and those in the startup space.


Girls in Tech’s CODE G bootcamps are two-day programming language courses, which teach young professionals beginner-level coding and programming. They range from Levels 1-3 (beginner, intermediate, advanced). By the time participants complete the course, they will be confidently coding and ready to take on their next programming challenge.

This bootcamp includes opportunities for individual and group projects, hands-on demos, and lectures. Participants can expect to build fully functional web-apps, websites, collect data, and use development tools to complete their projects.

CODE G Level I bootcamps cover one of the following languages each session. Make sure to check our Chapter Events page to be kept updated on when a class is happening near you!

Design Thinking

Creative problem solving and design thinking skills are in popular demand in today’s workforce. Girls in Tech’s Design Thinking Bootcamp is a beginner-level, 2-3 day, hands-on workshop that teaches participants how to methodically innovate.

Taught by seasoned subject matter experts, participants are empowered to explore how human-centered design can help create detailed solutions for layered problems in day-to-day life. These skills can be applied to building products or as an active member of the workplace.

Startup Breakthroughs

Startup Breakthroughs participants can expect to dive deep into the culture and mindset of an entrepreneur, communication, pitching, startup fundamentals (what questions need to be addressed for an investor), leadership and team, customer-centric products and services, competition, business models, go-to-market strategies, startup finances, and how to raise money.

Make sure to check our Chapter Events page to be kept updated on when a bootcamp is happening near you!