How to Make the Most of the Catalyst Conference

The Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference 2019 San Francisco is approaching fast on June 19-20 and we could not be more excited to meet all of you this year. We’re sure that you’re also excited to hear from the major women in tech and globally recognized STEM leaders. To help you make the most out of your time at the Catalyst Conference, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on navigating the event. Ready? Let’s get into it.

Do Your Research and Plan Ahead

No, we’re not asking you to write up a research paper or present a tri-fold board. We’re talking about time management.

The Catalyst Conference is coming at you with a jam-packed agenda. You’re going to have 2 full days of learning, inspiration and connection with the best and most supportive tech community out there. But as I’m sure many of us have learned, you can’t do everything. It’s physically impossible. Trust us, we’re still trying to figure out a way around this.

Read the The Future is Female: 6 Takeaways from the Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference to see for yourself…

To really take everything in, join us both mornings for a mindfulness breathing session at 8:30am after registration. This will put your mind at ease and really prepare you for the full day ahead.

Then from 9:00am until evening, there are sessions running all day long. And don’t forget about the Networking Happy Hour at 5:30pm on Day 1!

Design or Machine Learning and AI?

Are you in a product design role or looking to get into design? You’ll want to join the Design Thinking Breakout Session with global design company, IDEO, on June 19th at 3pm.

More interested in data and automation? Join Totemic Lab’s VP of AI, Luca Rigazio, to earn practical applications of AI and machine learning in Python frameworks. Once you’ve got it, you’ll never go back. This breakout session is part of Girls in Tech’s CODE G programming and is happening at the same time as the Design Thinking Breakout Session.

See what we mean by you can’t do it all? So plan your time wisely. Know where you’re going before it happens. That way you’ll always get the best seat in the house.

To see the entire Catalyst Conference agenda click here.

Bring Your Resume

Don’t freak out! We’re not throwing you into surprise job interviews. Although, a new connection at the conference may just turn into that perfect job offer.

At the Catalyst Conference, you’ll get the chance to flip the script and participate in speed informational interviews. Meet with recruiters at the US Department of State, Cisco, Visa, Nutanix and other people who make these companies and organizations the successes that they are.

Check out more about the Girls in Tech partners’ commitment to women in the workforce at Visa, Cisco, and the US Department of State.

There will be five 10-minute slots during lunch on both days where you can meet with the Catalyst Conference’s partner companies. All you have to do is check in at the speed informational interviews desk and pick a colored sticker, which denotes what industry you’re interested in. You can then take any open seat with any company representative. And off you go! Once the 10 minutes are up you’ll swap to another.

Sounds great right? In case you are wondering “what do I bring to these speed informational interviews?” we’ve got the answers right here.

First, have at least 5 resumes prepared as you’ll be meeting with 5 company representatives. Second, we highly recommend coming with prepared questions as well. You don’t want to waste your precious minutes thinking about what to ask.

Some questions you may want to ask are:

  • How is your company supporting women in tech and integrating diversity into the workplace?
  • What opportunities would I have as a part of your company to learn and grow?
  • What exciting projects are your company working on right now and how will they impact the future of your industry?
  • Can you tell me about the struggles you have faced being a woman in tech and how you overcame them?

However, these are only for a bit of inspiration. Try to come up with questions that are specific to you and your situation. Our company partners are here to help you figure out your way through the tech industry. You’ll benefit the most when your 10-minute talks are relevant to you and your goals.

For more information on Catalyst Conference speed informational interviews click here.

Getting to the Catalyst Conference

For anyone not familiar with San Francisco, things can get a bit confusing. So we’re clearing it up for you. Getting to the Catalyst Conference is a breeze. Everything is going to be happening in Bespoke located inside Westfield San Francisco Centre (Level 4) on Market Street in the heart of downtown.

There are 2 entrances.

From Mission Street, enter Bloomingdale’s and take the elevator to either Level Four or Five. Proceed to Bespoke near the escalators.

From Market Street (best entrance before 10 a.m.), Enter at 835 Market Street (San Francisco State University Entrance) near Walgreens and take the elevators to Level Four, crossing under the Dome toward Bespoke.

We recommend getting to the Catalyst Conference at 8am as coffee and a light breakfast will be available. This is a great time to get a headstart on networking and meet your new conference buddies. You never know who you’ll meet over your morning cup.

You can also find more information in the FAQ section.

Now You’re Ready for the Catalyst Conference

Seems like everything is set and ready. Wait are we forgetting one thing? Tickets! Don’t have your Catalyst Conference tickets yet? Then you better hurry because we’re selling out fast.

Students we’ve got your back. We’ve been there before too, worrying whether you should spend money on an online summer class or take a trip with friends this summer. This is especially true in San Francisco.

That’s why you can do BOTH at a student price. Make a trip to SF out of it and together experience the most empowering 2 days of your whole year at the Catalyst Conference! You can find student tickets for $100 for both days available at checkout. You’re our future and we want you to have access to the best real-world education, advice and support system within the tech industry. One day you’ll be leading us.

Does your company talk about diversity, inclusion, women’s empowerment a lot?

Well, drop this in their inbox with a note that reads “Group Discount!” and round up the interns, your team, and supervisor (male allies welcome!) – or even daughters, to experience professional development, new perspectives, hands-on training and more at Catalyst.

Only have time to come for 1 day? Then no worries. 1-day tickets are also available.

You can get your Catalyst Conference tickets here.