Girls in Tech Catalyst London: Martha Lane Fox, Founder, Doteveryone

Girls in Tech’s flagship event is making its way to London on March 28! The one-day event will be packed full of authentic presentations from some of the most revered female leaders in the world. Hear revolutionary speakers tell the story of their journey to the top, share career advice, tell you how they make tough decisions—and, most important—pass on sage advice to you, the next generation of women in tech. Grab your ticket while you can.
In the meantime, meet Martha Lane Fox, founder, She is just one speaker in our inspiring lineup.
What is a typically like for you?
There is no typical day; that’s the odd thing about a portfolio life but I always do exercise very early and I always read books before I go to sleep.
What will you be speaking about at Catalyst?
I’ve worked in tech for 20 years and I am appalled at the slow pace of change in the gender balance. We have to do everything we can to change this as fast as possible.
What has been the top career highlight or achievement for you to date? It was when I gave the BBC Dimbleby lecture. What an honor to get 45 minutess to broadcast on TV!
How can women support other women in STEM careers?
There are so many ways: hiring, retaining, shining a light on, mentoring.
How can men support women in STEM careers?
They can stamp out all stereotypes and biases.
What qualities are critical in a leader?
Authenticity and generosity and clarity.
What’s one fear that you’ve had to overcome in your career?
Being irrelevant and not making an impact
Who inspires you and why?
Mary Wollstonecraft for obvious reasons!
What’s the worst advice you’ve ever received?
Worst advice was definitely to “take it easy” and “give myself a break” after my near fatal car crash.