Girls in Tech Catalyst London: Meet Claire Valoti, General Manager at Snap

Girls in Tech’s flagship event is making its way to London on March 28! The one-day event will be packed full of authentic presentations from some of the most revered female leaders in the world. Hear revolutionary speakers tell the story of their journey to the top, share career advice, tell you how they make tough decisions—and, most important—pass on sage advice to you, the next generation of women in tech. Grab your ticket while you can.
In the meantime, meet Claire Valoti, General Manager at Snap. She is just one speaker in our rock star line up.
Describe a typical day for you in your job – what takes up your time? What are you responsible for?
There is no such thing as a typical day at Snap, but that’s what makes it so great. I spend a lot of time with our clients. I think it is really valuable meet with agencies and advertisers on a regular basis to listen to them, understand their challenges, and work out how Snap can best partner with them and make a positive impact on their business.
I am very proud of the culture we have created here at Snap in London. We’re a growing team and so another focus of mine is spending time with Snap London, whether it’s at our weekly all-company meeting on a Monday morning, or planning special events that help to bring us all together.
What will you be speaking about at Catalyst London? Why are you so passionate about this topic?
Some of the most profound advice I’ve ever received came from someone simply sharing a little of their journey with vulnerability and transparency. I’ll be sharing parts of my personal journey at Catalyst – the good times and the bad – and I hope that what I share resonates with the audience.
What has been the top career highlight or achievement for you to date?
It may sound cliche, but it has to be being offered to join Snap in London almost two years ago. I am so passionate about what we are building as a company and the vision we have for the future. I have always wanted to build a business from the bottom up and I love the fact that I get to create a culture and have an influence over what Snap looks like here in the UK.
How can women support other women in STEM careers?
It’s important to accept that coffee invite. I know life can get busy, but when a fellow woman asks you for your time to get advice, always say yes.
As a community we must champion each other. Remember, not all STEM is the same. I like to spend time with our female engineers. Although I definitely can’t do what they do, I find their stories so inspiring and their outlook refreshing.
How can men support women in STEM careers?
I think the answer is pretty much the same as above – be available to give advice and be proactively championing women in your world. Women are sometimes reluctant to put themselves forward, so it is important men in leadership roles are prepared to advocate for gender equality, acknowledge women’s contributions and provide opportunities for promotion.
What do you feel have been the things that have helped to get you to where you are in your career?
Firstly, find your cheerleaders – those people who believe in you wholeheartedly, who you can lean for advice and support. Secondly, do something you love and work for a company you believe in, otherwise everything will be a battle and you won’t succeed (or have any fun!) Most importantly, be authentic to yourself. When you go for an interview, remember that you’re interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. Find an environment you can be yourself in and thrive in.
In your opinion, what qualities are critical in a leader?
There are so many, but for me being a leader means being charismatic, determined, decisive, brave and strong and also loving people, compassionate, kind, adaptable and supportive. Knowing how to motivate and inspire the people around you is important too.
What’s one fear that you’ve had to overcome in your career, and how did you do it?
It may be hard to believe, but I still suffer with ‘imposter syndrome’ most days. We all do it, that voice in your head saying it was luck that got you those great exam results or dream job. I try to remind myself on a regular basis of key things I have done to make things happen I also save any emails or messages with positive feedback. These become helpful reminders that show why I deserve to be where I am now.
Who inspires you and why?
My parents have always been my inspiration. They are both very hard working, and built their business working seven days a week whilst staying true to themselves. They taught my sister and I that the secret to success is working hard, not ever thinking you’re better than anyone else, and being kind to others.