Redefining Diversity: Workplaces That Are Doing It Right

Diversity: we all have something to say about it, but are companies actually doing anything about it? Whether you’re searching for a new place to work or you’re just wondering if any large corporation truly cares about its employees (good news: they do!), we’ve put together some info just for you. Here are some companies that are making strides in the realm of diversity.
diversity women in tech
Marriott International
The internationally-known hotel chain has held inclusivity and diversity as a top priority since 1927, according to the Marriott website. The company has received over 15 national awards for diversity and workplace excellence in 2017 alone, which include ranking as a Top Company for Executive Women (National Association for Female Executives) and the LGBTQ Business Excellence Award (LGBT Business Network). Not to mention, the company heavily encourages its employees to advocate for a multicultural environment and gender diversity. So, the next time you stay at a Marriott hotel, take a look around—you may notice some unique (and awesome) diverse qualities that make it both a great place to work and visit.
Microsoft Corporation
A household name, Microsoft has pioneered their approach to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, making it one of the best places to work. Recruiters for Microsoft proactively prospect diverse talent, encourage women in technical fields, focus on the needs of minorities and women, and support LGBT+ equality. Company leaders and employees are also required to complete cultural competency training. Microsoft heavily advocates for a healthy work-life balance, as well, providing generous parental leave and offering flexible work arrangements to meet the needs of various employee preferences and circumstances. And to encourage global diversity, the company founded the Microsoft DisAbility Scholarship, empowering those with disabilities to seek higher education and helping decrease employment bias.
Johnson & Johnson
This medical- and consumer-goods manufacturer was ranked  no. 2 in the Thomson Reuters Diversity and Inclusion Index this year, making it a company that strives to create a “culture of belonging” in and out of the workplace. An Equal Opportunity Employer, Johnson & Johnson states on their website that their approach to inclusion means creating a sense of belonging and value for every employee. But as they promote their vision to create a healthier world on their website, they follow through with this vision by implementing strategic inclusion and advocacy plans. From helping students excel in STEM to empowering women internationally to encouraging employees to volunteer in their communities, the company strives to create positive change in the world.
The popular beauty retailer is making waves for female leaders. Get this: more than 60% of Sephora’s employees in tech positions are female! That’s a remarkably high number—especially when companies focused on tech (we’re looking at you, Google) don’t even employ as many women. Women at Sephora hold all but one position on the digital leadership team, and the company’s advocacy goes beyond gender diversity in the workplace. Sephora’s Holiday 2018 campaign is the most diverse the company has released, and it includes 10 Sephora employees ranging from a woman with alopecia to a Muslim immigrant. Catch the campaign beginning November 22 in Sephora stores nationwide
Salesforce has built a reputation for equality in the workplace—and they employ a Chief Equality Officer to spearhead inclusivity among employees. The CRM company has a commitment to advocacy and equality for all and provides communities for employees of all racial, ethnic, gender, and sexual identities. Over 40% of interns and new graduate hires were women or from underrepresented groups, and the company continues to increase the percent of females hired for leadership positions. Salesforce also stands up for equal rights outside of the company, as well. In 2016, the CEO took a stand against legislation that discriminated against the LGBT+ community. And that same year, the company invested over $20 million in San Francisco Bay Area school districts to integrate STEM curriculums and increase opportunities for student career advancement. Though Salesforce still admits it has a long way to go, the company is setting a great example for taking action in and out of the workplace.
If you work for one of the companies mentioned above, that’s awesome! If not, take note of what they’re doing. Talk to your employer about how your company can implement policies like these. What other companies belong on this list?