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From talking about her proudest work accomplishments, to reading about her run in with discrimination, CEO of Girls in Tech’s Adriana Gascoigne dishes on her highlights and challenges as a Woman of Silicon Valley in the latest digital article on
Topics also include answers to questions like, ” What advice do you have for any girls pursuing a future in tech?”  At the top of her list of answers?
“Maintain confidence! It’s the key to anything you do whether you are in tech or not, so having it while being a part of this industry can only benefit you in the long run.”
– Adriana Gascoigne, CEO Girls in Tech
Finally, here are 3 of the 6 things she feels makes a woman in tech awesome:

    1. Opportunity to have a voice in the industry
    2. Opportunity to mentor other women
    3. Leverage listening skills to absorb feedback and make changes

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