2022 | Agenda

Our 2023 agenda will be coming soon!

9:20 am

Introduction | Virtual Welcome from Girls In Tech

Christine Rodrigues – Strategic Alliances, Adobe APAC

9:30 am

Introduction | Welcome from Girls In Tech

Jess Box – Managing Director, Girls In Tech Australia & Head of Growth, Linktree
Karen Katz – Board Member, Girls in Tech Australia

9:45 am

From Web 1.0 to Web 3.0 – What does the future of tech look like?

Theme: Future of Web

Sandy Carter – SVP, Unstoppable Domains

10:15 am

Holding Your Ground

Theme – Future of Identity

Megan Flamer – CEO, Mindful Under Fire. Head of Startup Programs, Monash University.

10:45 am

The Future of Commerce – Web 3.0, NFTs and Beyond.

Theme – Future of Commerce

Harper Reed – CEO, General Galactic Corporation

11:15 am

Morning Tea Break


11:45 am

Brand & Product Design – How do we drive experiences that have a lasting impact?

Joy Marrocco – Telstra
Jessica Box – Managing Director, Girls in Tech Australia & Head of Growth, Linktree (Moderator)

12:15 pm

The AI Challenge – How can we ensure algorithms are making the internet better, not worse? (In partnership with McKinsey)

Theme: AI/ML

Arwen Griffioen – Head of AI/ML, Linktree
Lisa Green – Group Owner, Customer Intelligence – Telstra
Helen Mayhew – Partner at QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey (Moderator)
Fernanda Sassiotto – Head of Engineering – Trading & Market Data at Iress

12:50 pm

Lunch Break


1:15 pm

In Person Workshops Session 1

Design, Data, Software

Design – Making every nanosecond count: Hardware design for low-latency applications with Victoria Su, Optiver
Product with EY
Data – Finding your data avatar: Explore where you can best thrive in the data world and discover key skills and technologies right for you with Telstra

1:45 pm

Online Workshop Session 1

RMIT Online

Product Design – Is co-design more than just a buzzword?

3:15 pm

Online Workshop Session 2

RMIT Online

Email Marketing – How to create and implement a kickass email marketing journey!

3:15 pm

Afternoon Tea Break


3:45 pm

In person Workshop Sessions 2

Business, Data, Software

Software – Shireen Kamra and Nik Jain from Dynatrace: Perfecting the Future of Software-driven CX
Business – Jessica Smith, Luna Andreux and Taliah Lagioia from Servian: Utilizing UX to uncover the data your users need
Design – Lesley Dean and Kim Sharma from Fluent Commerce: Learn to build a tech eLearning course

5:15 pm

The Great Debate – To Capital or Not to Capital – What is best?

Rachel Yang – Partner, Giant Leap
Samar Mcheileh – Scale Investors
Lucy Lloyd – CEO, Mentor Loop
Renece Brewster – Co-Founder & CEO, Visual Domain

5:45 pm

Closing Remarks

Thank you for joining us!

Jess Box – Managing Director, Girls In Tech Australia & Head of Growth, Linktree
Karen Katz – Board Member, Girls in Tech Australia

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