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About Girls in Tech

Eliminating the gender gap

At Girls in Tech, we believe that women and minority groups are vital in shaping not just technology, but the world. Every voice is needed. You’re needed – just as you are.

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Diversity makes for a richer community. Meet some of our incredible members.

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What does Girls in Tech do?

Started in 2007 by Adriana Gascoigne, Girls in Tech is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating the gender gap in tech. We’re committed to building the diverse and inclusive tech workforce the world needs. And we aim to see every person accepted, confident and valued in tech — just as they are. Find out more.

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Joining Girls in Tech as a Basic Member will always be free. We’ve recently introduced Premium Membership for those who want to take their involvement to the next level. Compare Membership Plans here.

What’s the difference between the Premium and Basic membership?

The Premium membership gives you exclusive perks like 1:1 mentoring and free attendance to our biggest events of the year, at a price of just $99/year. That’s over $500 value, based on the cost of accessing these programs without the Premium membership. Basic membership remains free, and comes with access to our newsletter, as well as certain community-wide events and resources. You can compare Membership plans here.

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Girls in Tech needs you, just as you are

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