Girls in Tech Manifesto

April Rieger
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To celebrate Women’s Equality Day, we asked our global community what “equality” means to them. This is what they said.


We believe women’s equality is a basic human right.

It is not reserved only for those in high places, those with loud voices,

or those with the means and access to costly education.


Everyone deserves access to limitless possibility.


To understand equality, it is vital that we acknowledge inequality.

We must recognize privilege and difference, and know

that making space for others does not mean losing your power.


Moving toward a more equal, just and loving world will require

that each of us insist on hearing the voices of those who are often silenced;

that we do the work to stand up, show up and speak up

even if that means stepping into discomfort.


Equality requires that we use our voices 

to demand that the value of others be respected when they speak,

in how they’re paid, and how they’re treated in every instance.


Equality should not be conditional.

One thought on “Girls in Tech Manifesto

  • Aakriti Aggarwal says:

    Women’s equality is a basic human right. It means freedom to share our voice, ideas and how the culture address uncouncious bias on diversity.

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