Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Pros and Cons of Job Hopping Early in Your Career

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Picture this: you’ve just graduated, you’re starting a new job, and you think that life couldn’t get any sweeter…until one day, you’re sitting in the office and you start to feel the itch to start something new again.

Sure, you’re young. And what better time to jump from job to job than now, while you’re just starting out in the workforce and you’re not committed to a particular industry or place yet? From gaining different skills and trying new things to meeting countless new people, there are so many benefits to job hopping early in your career. But shirking responsibilities and moving from one job to the next has some downsides, too. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from job hopping early in your career.

early career job hopping

You’ll gain a TON of new skills…

Job hopping allows you to gain a variety of skills that you might not have gained otherwise. Working in different fields can help you develop kick-butt communication strategies, a productive work ethic, and the ability to adapt to different professional environments. By the time you land your third position, you will be a pro at working with others, and you’ll know exactly which settings you work well in (and which ones aren’t the right fit).

…But you may feel restless as you’re itching to get to the next job

The instability of your career may indicate that you’re just taking whatever jobs that come along instead of dedicating yourself to a position that you truly love. You may feel restless as you keep racking your brain for new companies to apply to, and you may not give every job your 100% because of your constant concentration on your next move.

You’ll be making plenty of connections…

Floating from job to job will allow you to make more connections (and we’re not just talking about LinkedIn). You can meet a variety of people in each job you come by, and connect with people in new areas or cities. This will allow you to not only make friends in new places but also have fresh and exciting discussions about your career and life.

…But it’s hard to keep those connections strong if you’re hopping to new jobs so quickly.

It may be difficult to make strong connections with your colleagues if you’re not staying at each job for a long period of time. While you’ll be meeting far more people than you would if you had stayed at the first job you found, the connections you make may remain shallow, and your friendships may fade as you move from company to company.

You’ll build an awesome resume…

Working one job after another will allow you to add more to your resume than ever before. Each new position will become another experience that will allow you to land another job later, and you’ll be polishing your LinkedIn profile more often than you think.

…But your positions may be too short-lived to get you the references you’ll need in the future.

However, staying at each job for only a short amount of time may mean you lack in the lengthy experience needed to get another job in a similar field. Or you may not be able to have the references you need to get a job you truly yearn for.

Your first job may not be your favorite, but the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. At the end of the day, your career is what YOU want it to be. It may be scary, but you have the power to decide whether to stay at or leave each position you accept. Taking some time to weigh the pros and cons of job hopping may help you get that much closer to your dream career.

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