Meet the 2017 AMPLIFY Pitch Competition Finalists

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The Girls in Tech’s AMPLIFY Pitch Competition entries did not disappoint this year. We received 294 applications, the largest number to date. While it was difficult to choose the “best” startups among such an ambitious, diverse applicant base, our discerning judges have chosen.

Read on to learn more about the 10 AMPLIFY finalists. Each of these startups is led by at least one woman. And they’ll all compete on stage, live, at AMPLIFY on October 18 in San Francisco. It’s a riveting half-day event where serious startups pitch for money, office space, rock star mentors and more. There are still a few tickets left, so snag yours while you can.

Girls in Tech AMPLIFY


Adistry is giving the reins back to publishers, allowing them to monetize just about any type of content (hint: you can get a lot more creative than banner ads).

Blooms Prive

Meet the panty that does it all: function, fit and style. Watch out, underwear is undergoing a revolution. is a conversational CRM platform that allows businesses to automate interactions over chat channels, including Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Kik, Skype, Whatsapp, Spark and Slack.

Cirrus Identity

Cirrus is the online guest pass for the enterprise. They give safe access to enterprise systems for non-employees.


DoWhop is a market place for experiences. Meet real people and do activities that you love.

Next Play, Inc.

Next Play helps companies like Lyft and Ericsson develop and retain their talent by powering their internal mentoring programs through AI.

Scollar, Inc.

Scollar wants to make caring for pets as easy as loving them, leveraging the modular, high-tech Scollar smart collars, the Scollar Mobile App and the Scollar Cloud Service.

Storeo is an on-demand social video generator. It uses proprietary technology, matching algorithms, sentiment analysis and more to create unique videos in under 5 minutes.


STRATIS is a leading SaaS platform, built for Multifamily and Campus Communities. It provides buildings with smart access, energy, lighting, leak detection, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Tueo Health

Tueo is transforming the way we care for asthma. It uses data and a mobile app to provide greater control.

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