London is Bursting with Tech Innovation. Want to Be a Part of It?

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Something special is happening in London. For the last five years, there’s been a steady momentum building within the tech community there. Today, the London tech ecosystem has not only established roots in East London’s Tech City, also known as the Silicon Roundabout, it’s taking off. London is steadily earning a reputation for being the gateway to innovation for all of Europe.

In formerly humble East London, big technology players have been quietly moving in. From Google to Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Intel, there’s an impressive number of big American tech companies that now have a home in London.

The British government has played an important role in this transformation. They’ve not only backed London’s tech scene with massive PR initiatives, they’ve created attractive tax incentives for startups. Plus, their “entrepreneur visa” makes it easier for international talent to take part. Accelerators like seedcamp, techstars, wayra and The Bakery have all helped entrepreneurs thrive.

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A few quick stats about London’s tech landscape:

  • One fifth of UK’s tech businesses are headquartered in London
  • In the first three months of 2015 alone, VCs invested more than $682 million into London startups
  • London is the fintech capital of the world
  • London’s been ranked second worldwide as a stellar supporter of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • More than 25 venture capital firms are located across the UK
  • 17 of the 40 European unicorns—companies that achieved IPO or were valued at $1B or greater—are located in London

Girls in Tech is Seeking a New Team to Lead UK Women

Girls in Tech is grateful to have amassed a strong following of supporters throughout the UK. From mentoring programs to networking nights, the women in tech of London have banded together to share learnings and support each other in this time of growth.

Girls in Tech Corporate is seeking a new Managing Director to take the reins and lead the UK program. We’re looking for a dynamic leader who will passionately share Girls in Tech curriculum with the London community and continue our mission to empower and support women within their tech career and entrepreneurial journeys.

Want to be involved but not sure the Managing Director role is right for you? We’re also creating a team of Advisory Board members to support the London branch. In this role, you’ll help to shape Girls in Tech programs for the London scene, coordinate initiatives and evangelize within the London community.

If you’re interested in getting involved in Girls in Tech UK, email Adriana at

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