Lady Pitch Night Brazil Kicks Off; Watch it Live

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The first edition of Lady Pitch Night (LPN) in Brazil is happening tonight. Watch the event LIVE here!

This is the first ever Lady Pitch Night competition in Brazil. This is a business competition focused on early stage startups. All startups must be founded or co-founded by at least one woman. The Girls in Tech team there has been amazed at the level of interest—and the quality of submissions. Thus, the jury decided to go with ten finalists versus the five originally planned. Winners will be chosen this evening.

Beyond the pitch competition, the evening will include talks from iconic leaders in technology and entrepreneurship. Prizes include a trip to San Francisco, a year of co-working and other benefits such as tickets to international events.

A snapshot of the startups lined up for this evening:

1 – Brand Lovers: A marketplace platform built on big data and social networking for beauty products. Users can learn about beauty products, make purchases and share their opinions.

2 – Bright Photomedicine: company that provides health and welfare through the development of technological solutions in Photomedicine (use of light for clinical treatments).

3 – a free website that brings people together to share knowledge and debate on a variety of subjects.

4 – Daily Ride: is an app that connects people with empty seats in their cars with others going the same way.

5 – Epistemic: One of the greatest challenges for those studying epilepsy is predicting when a seizure will happen. The Epistemic is developing a device that does just that. It informs the patient that an outbreak will occur 25 minutes in advance.

6 – InCast – It’s the first platform to generate and do business in the communications field in Brazil. Exclusively for businesses, professionals and advertising artists in film, TV, theater, radio, events and all the entertainment segments.

7 – Menu for Tourist: translates menus of restaurants for up to 8 languages.

8 – Omnize: multichannel service platform for business websites, including integration for WhatsApp, social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), email and PBX.

9 – Stella: application that encourages exploring a greater number of wardrobe looks. The app acts as a counselor and friend, helping you to create different looks, taking into account the physique, climate, occasion and style.

10 – Tique Taque: a product to control the point of domestic workers, generate their timesheet, receipts and eSocial guides.

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