Girls in Tech Singapore Celebrates Mother’s Day with Hands-On Coding Event

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There were no mani-pedis, no mother-daughter cooking classes and zero day-long shopping trips to celebrate moms with Girls in Tech Singapore. Rather, Girls in Tech Singapore tore apart stereotypes with its “Mums Can Code” event on May 14.

Mums Can Code Event

Moms and daughters learned to code side by side in a partnership with Imagin8ors in honor of Scratch Day, a global event where more than 200 locations hold live Scratch workshop events. Participants created custom, animated Mother’s Day cards. No coding experience was required!

Geraldine Neo, Managing Director of Girls in Tech Singapore, was featured on a morning show called FirstLook Asia to highlight the event. She pointed out that there are so many resources like courses online and bootcamps; programming is becoming a much more prevalent skill.

“More and more women are starting to think this is something they can actually do for themselves,” Neo said in the interview.

Mums Can Code


Mums Can Code

They dared to code

The event was a huge success. Two generations of female coders gathered together in a single room. They dared to learn coding (literally from Scratch!) and created their first animations. Most of the mothers who attended knew little to no coding/programming beforehand. Yet, they were willing to learn it alongside their daughters, and essentially guide their daughters and also learn for themselves during the process.

“Our mothers are our first female role models in life and we wanted to exemplify that by letting mums take charge in this programming workshop and lead their daughters by example,” Neo explained.

“Second, we wanted girls to pick up and fall in love with programming from a young age, and encourage this passion to endure though adulthood such that they will not be easily deterred in pursuing tech-related careers later in life.”

Mums Can Code Event

A few testimonials from mothers who attended the event:

“It’s been 5 hours since the event finished and my kids are still on the computer coding with Scratch. I think you converted a couple of little people!” {Robyn Douglas}

“Thanks for a great session. Most jobs will require some element of the coding process; it’s good to start young!” {Sharon Taggart}

Check out the event here or learn more about Scratch here.

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  • Lee wallace says:

    Fantastic to see, women coding outside school age! Amazing initiative. Imagine 3 generations next time, v v cool.

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