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Girls in Tech Indonesia

Girls in Tech (GIT) Indonesia may have had quiet beginnings, with small engagements twice a year, but it has rapidly gained momentum. Now, with more than 300 members and more than 800 supporters, the organization’s growth serves as an illustration of Indonesia’s technology boom.

“The technology landscape here is evolving very rapidly, especially in the last couple of years,” Anantya Van Bronckhorst, GIT Indonesia Managing Director said. “The boom is partly due to media exposure, investors coming to the Indonesian market with pitch ideation and incubators, and the overall trend to launch a business at a young age, especially in the bigger cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Jogja and Surabaya.”

Anantya said the hottest startup categories are focused on e-commerce, finance tech, education tech and healthcare tech. More and more, the new entrepreneur looks to technology as their core business.

Spotlight on #WomenWin

Girls in Tech Indonesia

In 2015, GIT Indonesia shifted their approach and focused on growing a fuller engagement program. #WomenWin was the first initiative, launched in September 2015. It’s a special program for female Indonesian entrepreneurs, supported by Twitter and Appsco. The program consisted of a series of events:

  • Idea competition: for women who run their business online or offline, and are eager to improve it with the help of technology.
  • Four workshops: aimed to increase female awareness and participation; themes included e-commerce, social media and digital analytics.
  • Pitch night: designed to showcase selected ideas to a broader audience. Judges chose the three best ideas from 10 finalists.

The inaugural #WomenWin Pitch Night was November 23, 2015. The 10 finalists come from a variety of professions, ranging from students and private sector employees to housewives. The 10 finalists and their ideas:

  • Farah Devi Isnanda – monitoring apps for plants fertility
  • Annisa; a platform where students can apply for internships and part time jobs
  • Vanda Yulianti; an app to share a traditional story via gamification
  • Omega Tambun; a platform that connects buzzers and local merchants
  • Dinar Rahimita, a local catering order & delivery
  • Nike Nadia, counseling platform for abused/harassed women
  • Ninda Aldila; media-handling platform
  • Putry Yuliastutik, a bespoke online tailor marketplace
  • Sukmayanti, Indonesian handicraft e-commerce platform

The three top winners each received a mentoring session, plus digital support for production of web/apps. They also will receive media promotion for their respective launches. The three winners of the #WomenWin initiative are:

    • Putry Yuliastutik, Kostoom, a marketplace that gather tailors (“kostoomaker”) and customers (“kostoomer”). In this platform, kostoomers can create customized clothes by ordering it online at Kostoom.
    • Nike Nadia, HelpNona platform to help young women access online counseling, assisted by experience volunteers.
    • Vanda Yulianti, Indonesia Kids introduce Indonesian traditional story via game and gamification method.

#WomenWin will be a bi-yearly campaign—it will run again in 2017. This year GIT Indonesia is turning its focus to promote women leadership and highlight the possibilities of how women can participate more on the digital fields.

“We hope to see more women leaders in the technology fields that can also influence other women to enter or use technology to maximize their work or life activities,” said Anantya.


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