Keynote Stephanie Tilenius Dishes On Google and VIDA!

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We’re excited to have you speak to our audience at Lady Pitch Night USA SF! You have an awesome tenure that sets a high bar for other women executives climbing the career ladder. How has working for a company like GOOGLE helped enhance your leadership skills?

It’s always a unique opportunity to work for company that has such an impact in the world, and to work with smart and talented people!  When you work in this type on environment, it sets a high bar for development of programs, platforms, and changing products.

Tell us the story behind VIDA, you’re amazing new health-coaching app!

One in 3 people or 133 million people have a chronic health condition they are living with.  Four out of five health dollars go toward these health conditions. We’re establishing a new way to have people live healthier and happier lives.  We have consumers on our platform from age 12 to age 84. This includes but is not limited to obese children and elder medicare patients.

With so many successful female entrepreneurs out there, we have a lot to be inspired by. What words of inspiration can you offer anyone who is climbing the entrepreneurial success ladder?

I think the opportunity to be an entrepreneur and change the world by building better products or services is one of best ways you can use your time on this earth.  Using your freedom and creative expression is priceless. For women leaders in particular, especially in certain verticals or having ideas for a new product is a great way to build without thinking of resource constraints.  If it is great, you will get resources. They will come.  I think that getting over the belief that you CAN’T get resources is key.

Stephanie, thanks for sharing your wisdom! Best of success with VIDA and see you at Lady Pitch Night SF!

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