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Everyone wants a little help here and there right? Applying for Lady Pitch Night USA is no exception. We want to set all of our applicants up for success!  To assist, here are some key components for a close to perfect pitch deck:

  • TITLE SLIDE // This slide should include your Mission statement, Vision statement, and/or something about your company.  It should include your business’ name, contact information, title, and what your company does.
  • PROBLEM YOU WILL SOLVE // Describe the problem you’re solving and for who. Explain to your investors the pain points that your company is alleviating.
  • SOLUTION // How will you alleviate this paint point? Explain clearly what your value proposition is. How are others trying to solve this problem and failing?
  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTION // Use images to describe your product or service. Tell how your customers will use your product or service and why it’s useful.
  • MARKET ANALYSIS // OPPORTUNITY //Describe your target market including demographics and psychographics.  Be specific about the market you serve. How will you reach your customer? What is your marketing strategy, and how is it cost effective?
  • COMPETITION// Who is your competition? What differentiates you from them? Why are they successful or unsuccessful? Describe what makes your product or service unique in the marketplace you are targeting. Explain your advantages and showcase clear examples of your competition in detail.
  • FINANCIALS//REVENUE MODEL// Describe how you will make money. Explain your short term and long term growth financially.  Snapshot a forecast showing revenue, conversion rate, customers, and expenses. Discuss market penetration–including your distribution channels, and gross margins.
  • MANAGEMENT TEAM// State who the key leaders are on your team, including your board of directors, advisors, and investors.  Highlight their positions, relevant experience, and their successes.
  • MILESTONES// Talk about your timeline and goals.  What milestones have you met to date? How will you use the money you are seeking to raise?  All customer satisfaction quotes or testimonials should be shared here.  Make sure to include all milestones met to date, including current partnerships or awards.
  • FUNDING PROJECTIONS// Discuss existing investors, the total amount you plan to raise and under what terms (private, equity, etc), and the timing. Where specifically will the money raised be going? Any investors to date? List all of this here.

…Then there are those things that are just nice to have. Below explains what they are:

  • THANK YOU SLIDES //CITE SOURCES Citing sources and thanking all contributors is a nice touch if time is allotted.
  • DESIGN// Having a great simple, but polished design for your slides adds a special touch.

Got additional tips? Learn something new we didn’t cover? We’d love to hear from you, so please TELL US!! @GirlsInTech on Twitter (via @ChicaIntelli.)

Also, we encourage you to apply to Lady Pitch Night USA in SF November 10th, 2015 at Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center. We hope this helps motivate you to join us!



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