Girls in Tech Board Talk :: w/Lori McLeese (Automattic) and Donna Boyer (Blurb)

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We got to eavesdrop in the board room and snag two amazing board members for 15 minutes:  Lori McLeese – Automattic, and Donna Boyer – Blurb! These two powerhouse executives had great things to say about tech and their excitement to join the team. Here’s a snapshot of the chatter:

How can women continue to support each other in the tech space?

LM:  I have had the opportunity to work with founders who have an opinion on everything…and are strong and ambitious. I don’t believe it’s because they are women, but rather, because they are passionate about what they want to do!   Strong women in tech can continue to support each other by continuing to be clear on their goals, being good communicators, staying focused, and not playing into stereotypes.

DB:  This is the most interesting time in the space because we are having great conversations of women who are embarking on successful careers.  I’m excited to see more women supporting each other in ways I haven’t seen in the past. Diversity as a whole leads to better results. Embracing differences is how we can continue to support each other and focus our attention on the right things.

As a new board member for Girls in Tech, what’s one thing you plan to do to help the organization thrive even more?

LM: We’re so new right now, but one thing I’d like to do is help the organization scale from start-up mode to having even more structure! One question I asked upon joining was, “who else is on the board?” It was exciting to hear of the diverse points of view and experiences we will have from having a rich mix of board members.

DB:   I’m so excited to be a board member! It’s great to be involved at this level. I feel I have both personal and professional experience I can add.  I’d love to help develop programs that address the product development aspects of the company.  I can also contribute by leveraging my mentorship experience.  I think there’s tremendous opportunity in scaling these things globally.

Based on your awesome track record, what piece of career advice can you offer our members?

LM: When recruiting someone, show your excitement! Showing why you’re involved and connecting with your own personal story is the best thing you can do for someone who also wants to be a part of your company.

DB: When looking to write great content, start by writing about something you care about.  This sounds simple but most people don’t do this.  You have to come from a place of sharing something you know and are passionate about. Finally, you have to keep at it and work at connecting with your audience.

Thanks for giving us 15 minutes of your time, Lori and Donna! Girls in Tech is looking forward to working with you!


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