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You just jumped on Periscope. Your Twitter account is a force to be reckoned with. What next? Well, we can tell you one thing. If you attend Lady Pitch Night USA in San Francisco November 10, 2015, you’ll have plenty of content to post and talk about. Here are some tips from the best in the business to help you jump start your social presence:

  • Pick the right social media platforms for your company. While not every industry has a clear preference for social media channels, there are important determinants that can help you find the right social network for you: the target age group of your audience, the location of your business, and the nature of your services. For example, if your startup offers a B2B service, it may help to seek out business leaders on LinkedIn.  You might also want to make note of  accounts on the same social media channels used by the brands you want to help. But if your business revolves around cool products, Promoted Tweets, Facebook Ads or short Instagram Video Campaigns should be your first choice.
  • Go local. If you have a physical location or happen to be hosting an event, use social media to reach nearby consumers with targeted content. Geo-targeted content is more valuable as it is specific and tangible–especially for those with non-profit organizations or event planning companies.  You can reward customers who visit the location or even check in on social media at your event or place of business.
  • Use what you already have. Leverage content you’ve already created or that your customers have produced. This will make your content schedule more fruitful, while including other voices and engaging followers.
  • Take (calculated) risks. Try new things. While it helps to be aware of strategies that work traditionally, we encourage you to think outside the box. After all, the essence of startup spirit is to problem-solve in an innovative, efficient way. Just think about it: there must have been someone who had the “crazy” idea to reply to a Tweet using only GIFs or Emoji, or include a Vine video to illustrate a point that a simple image could not!
  • Recruit a solid social media squad. A startup’s online audience isn’t limited to potential customers, fellow CEO’s, and investors. If your company is looking for passionate, talented individuals to join your cause, try peeking at your social media followers.  Use social networks like Instagram to showcase company culture and share company milestones. Sharing these moments allow you to easily sell how fun it can be to work at a startup.

Hope this helps a bit! Talk to more experts about this very topic on November 10th at Lady Pitch Night SF!

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