Girls in Tech Hacking 4 Humanity Hits San Francisco

Posted: 07.19.2017

Girls in Tech Hacking 4 Humanity is a hackathon inspired by social good. The concept: bring the best creative people, technical folks and design thinkers together to see what social problems they can hack over a two-day event. Hacking 4 Humanity is making its way around the globe; San...

Sexual harassment in Silicon Valley

Open Letter: What We Can Do About Sexual Harassment in Silicon Valley

Posted: 07.11.2017

I’ve been watching the news closely this past week as so many courageous women have come forward to talk about the sexual harassment they’ve experienced from male venture capitalists. I’m appalled and shaken by allegations in Katie Benner’s NYT piece that point to several prominent men in the VC space...

Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference

2017 Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference Recap

Posted: 06.29.2017

And, that’s a wrap! The Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference, our largest annual event, was held last week in San Francisco, June 20-22. The event brought together more than 800 women in tech and top-tier speakers, allowing for intimate networking opportunities and the crux of the event: short, Tedx-style...

Get Things Done: 10 Productivity Hacks from Women Leaders

Posted: 04.21.2017

We asked women leaders how they get things done. From pen-to-paper lists to music and a slew of apps, here are their responses. Visualize your success. “As a business owner and mother of 2 young boys, I need to be extremely organized and focused. Every morning I spend...

Nidhi Gupta Hired

Interview with Nidhi Gupta, SVP of Engineering, Hired

Posted: 02.02.2017

Nidhi Gupta from Hired is one incredible leader. She spoke to us about her early days in engineering, why she chose to continue working after she had a baby, and why she loves to see a business grow. It's clear she leads her life with conviction and purpose. Her...

Rosie the IT Worker

Meet Rosie the IT Worker

Posted: 01.26.2017

Who isn’t familiar with Rosie the Riveter, the iconic image of the strong women of the World War II era? Well, Rosie is back again, but this time around she’s leading app development teams, she’s an Internet of Things guru, a cyber security consultant and an IT ops whiz....

Confidence in the Workplace: Fake it ‘til Ya Make It?

Posted: 01.23.2017

Confidence is just as much a learned skill as it is something you’re lucky to have in your personal toolbox. And often, it starts with faking it. Pretending you have confidence and acting the part can do wonders for your workplace interactions (and—your confidence!) Here’s how to get started. Don’t...

Girls in Tech 10-Year Anniversary: Celebrating Decades of Achievements for Women in Tech

Posted: 01.05.2017

2017 marks Girls in Tech’s 10-year anniversary of founding. We’re proud of our decade of achievements, but we also want to take this year to reflect on historical accomplishments  of all women throughout technology. In honor of these irreplaceable moments, we’ve created a visual of some of the groundbreaking...

Hey, Men! Here’s 6 Ways You Can Support Women in Tech

Posted: 12.19.2016

We asked, “What can men do to support women in tech?” and the responses came in like a tidal wave. Women from all backgrounds and career stages spoke up and shared honest opinions about what they truly need from male leaders and male counterparts to succeed. The result? A...

How Powerful Women Could Help Encourage More Women to Get into STEM

Posted: 12.13.2016

By Ellie Martin The unfortunate reality today is that women are underrepresented in tech. Only 15% of computer science majors at universities are women. That figure increases slightly in the workforce, with women holding 24% of STEM jobs, but the higher you look within a company, the fewer women there...