The Leading Ladies of STEM: Giving a Voice to Women in the Sciences

Posted: 02.01.2016

Ask any young girl in the U.S. today to name the top five leading ladies in Hollywood and they’re likely to recite with ease a complete and accurate list in less than sixty seconds. But ask them to come up with five names of past and present notable females...

Why ‘Girls’ and not ‘Women’?

Posted: 10.01.2015

Girls in Tech recently engaged in an email exchange with some women who were offended by the use of the word 'Girls' in "Girls in Tech" and 'Lady' in "Lady Pitch Night". We apologized to these women for any misunderstanding or offensiveness caused. We also wanted to provide insight...

Why The World Needs More Women In Tech

Posted: 08.20.2015

Thanks to Next Generation, we can clearly see why Women in Tech is mandatory in the world. From the percentage of computing jobs held by women in the US, to showcasing which tech companies have the most male colleagues, the below infographic sure helps put things in perspective. Take...

A Chat With Shira Weinberg :: Managing Director – Tel Aviv

Posted: 06.18.2015

HI Shira! Thank you for joining us and letting the world know about one of our fabulous Tel Aviv M.D.'s Can you tell us where you are originally from and how you feel the women in tech climate differs from that of other countries?  I am from Israel and I Co-Manage...

It Was Never a Dress Campaign Launches at Girls in Tech’s Catalyst Conference

Posted: 04.30.2015

Girls in Tech​ is in full support of partner Axosoft​'s new campaign which was launched at #CatalystConference Phoenix: It was NEVER a dress! #Itwasneveradress is an invitation to shift perceptions and assumptions about women and the audacious, sensitive, and powerful gestures they make every single day. In science, technology,...

The Future of Women in Tech is Hanging in the Balance

Posted: 04.24.2015

Written by Jarret Moses, Infusionsoft Technology has been used as a truly universal conduit for positive change. It has literally given a voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless; However, even with all technology has done for us, we have only scratched the surface. All things, even nature,...

STUDENTS! Win Tickets to the Catalyst Conference!

Posted: 03.18.2015

Get a glimpse of post-graduate reality. Join the amazing ladies of the tech world from across the globe as they congregate on topics like funding, diversity, work-life balance, social entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, and more at the Catalyst Conference in Phoenix, Arizona April 26 to 28th. STUDENTS: Use code gitccstudent for...

Gender Diversity In Startups Might Be More Important Than You Thought

Posted: 03.08.2014

Did you know that while it is no secret that the tech startup community is lacking women, this gender imbalance may actually be impeding startups? David Cohen, founder and CEO of TechStars, delves into this topic and provides tips for combating gender disparity in this Wall Street Journal blog entry. Cohen...

Is the Innotribe Startup Challenge For Me?

Posted: 02.06.2014

If you are reading this, thinking should I / shouldn’t I participate, then I want to challenge you, and flip it to say: why wouldn’t you? The Innotribe Startup Challenge is free to enter, unlike other challenges. We don’t charge for companies to pitch, and it’s open to startups as well...

Tech Firms Now Hiring More Women Than Men

Posted: 11.20.2013

A curious thing has happened in the tech world. In an industry that has long been considered a boys club, suddenly firms are hiring more women than men. Read the rest of the article at CNNMoney