UN Foundation

A Global Platform for STEM Education

Posted: 06.14.2016

As an organization dedicated to empowering and educating women on a worldwide scale, Girls in Tech possesses natural synergies with other organizations with the same values, and an ability to cast a global net. The UN Foundation is one example. It’s an international organization with the reach—and vision—to tackle...

The Leading Ladies of STEM: Giving a Voice to Women in the Sciences

Posted: 02.01.2016

Ask any young girl in the U.S. today to name the top five leading ladies in Hollywood and they’re likely to recite with ease a complete and accurate list in less than sixty seconds. But ask them to come up with five names of past and present notable females...

Girls in Tech Appoints Ten Inspiring Executives to Its Board of Directors

Posted: 06.11.2015

IBM, Cisco, Samsung Electronics, Match.com, Intel, Blurb, EmbraceHer Health, Automattic, Diamius Multinational, and Axosoft among the amazing companies now represented on the Girls In Tech Board. SAN FRANCISCO - Girls In Tech, an organization focused on empowerment, engagement, and education of women in technology, announces the appointment of ten new outstanding business leaders...

President Kate Brodock talks with STEM Women about her role in GIT

Posted: 09.14.2014

STEM Women HOA spoke with Kate Brodock, President of Girls in Tech, about her role within the organization, her experience in the tech startup community, and the success stories from Girls in Tech.

Join us for #STEMforHer on Twitter to Interview Divya Nag on Monday, 3.24

Posted: 03.20.2014

As part of National Women's History Month, we're pleased to take part in an exciting twitter conversation with Divya Nag, Co-Founder of Stem Cell Theranostics and StartX Med. As STEM continues to heavily influence technological advances and future innovations, the National Women's Business Council (NWBC) and the Small Business Administration (SBA) will...

AP Engineering?

Posted: 08.05.2013

Did you know that plans are in the works to create an AP Engineering curriculum? Though many might be surprised to learn this STEM staple doesn’t already exist, others have been waiting until K-12 schools were ready to implement such a program and colleges were ready to accept the...

Girls in IT: The Facts

Posted: 07.12.2013

Girls in IT: The Facts, sponsored by NCWIT's K-12 Alliance, is a synthesis of the existing literature on increasing girls’ participation in computing. It aims to bring together this latest research so that readers can gain a clearer and more coherent picture of 1) the current state of affairs for girls in...

The Importance of Mentorship in STEM educations

Posted: 07.12.2013

In The last months, we've been working closely with the U.S. Dept of State in the Techgirls/Girls in tech Mentorship programs initiative. Excited about the partnership and we will be in D.C. July 16th to share more about the mentorship programs with 27 women from eight middle eastern countries...