Book Smart: Business Strategy Books for Everyone in the Workplace

Posted: 03.13.2018

From aspiring entrepreneurs to managers without a cause, every person in the workplace could use a little encouragement every once in a while. We’ve gathered our list of the best books for whatever stage you’re in, whether you’re down on your luck or just getting started. Read on for...

Resilient entrepreneurs

How to Keep Going: Advice on Resiliency for Entrepreneurs

Posted: 12.07.2017

If there’s one trait that ties together all great entrepreneurs, it’s resiliency. The ability to keep marching forward, even in dire straits; the ability to fight through rejection and keep your chin up; the ability to work with grit and persistence. It’s admirable. It’s also exhausting, which is a big...

details matter for startups

Startup Success is in the Details

Posted: 09.21.2017

The thing about entrepreneurs is that they tend to be dreamers. Risk-takers. Visionaries. All these roles require a macro point of view, one where they can see the finish line and believe—and get their team to believe—that they can make it there. However, sometimes the hurdles and twists and militant-style...

Bootstrap Like You Mean It: How to Get Your Startup Going with Little Cash

Posted: 09.07.2017

You have a brilliant startup idea, and you just know it’s going to take off. There’s just one minor hiccup: you’ve got very little capital to get the darn thing off the ground. This isn’t a pretty scenario, but it’s the common one. A lot of successful companies were...

Startup hiring teams

How to Build a Great Startup Team

Posted: 05.11.2017

Hiring your few employees is a tricky process. You’re limited by several factors, including little (or no) brand recognition, tight funds and huge expectations. Plus, your early team members are a rare breed. They must be able to take on niche work, such as that of a programmer, but...

The Common Thread Among $1 Billion+ Startups: Immigrants.

Posted: 02.07.2017

Are immigrants the key to billion-dollar businesses? If you look at the startup economy, you'd think so. The facts say that innovation is driven by thinking in new ways; approaching problems through an entirely different lens (ones we weren’t even aware existed). It’s about pushing boundaries and considering ideas you...

Girls in Tech Appoints Ten Inspiring Executives to Its Board of Directors

Posted: 06.11.2015

IBM, Cisco, Samsung Electronics,, Intel, Blurb, EmbraceHer Health, Automattic, Diamius Multinational, and Axosoft among the amazing companies now represented on the Girls In Tech Board. SAN FRANCISCO - Girls In Tech, an organization focused on empowerment, engagement, and education of women in technology, announces the appointment of ten new outstanding business leaders...


Posted: 04.01.2015

Talk about a powerful chica! Laura Owen worked for Kansas State Office--Laura was the First woman to hold the position of Kansas Secretary of Office!! ...and this was just the beginning...Here's more on Laura: Q1: Who was your first female mentor and how did she help you? My mother. Women...