scollar pet collar

Meet Scollar, Winner of Girls in Tech AMPLIFY

Posted: 11.09.2017

Imagine an animal collar that does it all: tells you where your pooch is located at any time, nudges you about daily feedings and even gives you a heads up if your cat’s about to go batshit on your sofa. Well, put your imagination at rest, because Scollar has...

Meet the 2017 AMPLIFY Pitch Competition Finalists

Posted: 10.10.2017

The Girls in Tech’s AMPLIFY Pitch Competition entries did not disappoint this year. We received 294 applications, the largest number to date. While it was difficult to choose the “best” startups among such an ambitious, diverse applicant base, our discerning judges have chosen. Read on to learn more about the...

Top Quotes of the Night from Girls in Tech’s AMPLIFY Women’s Pitch Night

Posted: 11.29.2016

Girls in Tech’s AMPLIFY Women’s Pitch Night, an annual pitch event dedicated to female-founded startups, was November 16. The evening included 10 startup finalists, who put on some impressive pitch presentations, as well as several keynote speakers. Here are the top soundbites from the incredible event, a mix of...

AMPLIFY Pitch Competition

AMPLIFY Women’s Pitch Night is Now Open for Applicants

Posted: 07.21.2016

AMPLIFY, Girls in Tech’s exclusive pitch night for female founded startups, and the world’s largest women’s startup pitch competition, is now open for applicants applying to its 2016 event. Any startup with at least one female founding member is welcome to apply for a chance to win seed funding,...